Carousel Infinity Scarf

I officially finished this up last night, and the timing couldn’t have been better. We had a night of -15 degrees and the bus stop was NOT fun this morning! Winter just doesn’t seem to want to let go this year. Anyway….

This lovely is a bit time consuming as its done with single crochets, I assume it wouldn’t take as long if you dedicate your time to it as opposed to working one or two rows a day and then picking something else up! The mister named it, (alright, let’s be honest, he names everything for me) he said it reminds him of old time carnivals and “carousels go round and round”. Clever boy!

So here it is, the Carousel Infinity:


  • H- hook
  • A collection of yarn, I used worsted weight
  • Yarn hook


Ch – chain
sc – single crochet
dec – decrease
skp st – skip stitch


-There is no rhyme or reason to the color scheme. Change colors whenever you choose by chaining with the new color at the beginning of the row.
– I chose my colors, placed them all in a basket and then would pull blindly. It’s more fun this way, you have no idea what the finished product will look like!
– The scarf pictured has around 210 rows.

H – hook
Ch 32
1. Starting in 2nd ch from hk:
*sc 4, 3sc in next st, sc 4, skp next 2 st* repeat across
2. ch 1, turn, skp 1st st:
( sc 4, 3sc in next st, sc 4, skp next 2 st )2x, sc 4, 3sc in next st, sc 3,
sc last 2 sts together)
– Repeat row #2 until desired length.

– when you have reached your desired length, weave in those pesky ends, and then sew the two ends together.

Super easy and endless possibilities by changing colors!


Sacré Bleu an infinity scarf ( free pattern )

I’m sitting on my couch writing this up after just finishing the scarf. The name holds multiple meanings in my home right now.
1. The scarf is blue. Blue is my favorite color and sacré Bleu literally translates to ” sacred blue”
2. It’s “rumored” usage as an exclamation of outrage or surprise. ( Google informs me the French do not actually say this ) and as we sit here yet ANOTHER snow storm rolls in. Can’t. Handle. More. Snow.
3. I long for the spring, blue skies, warmth, flowers.
So, this scarf was made as an optimistic hope spring is on its way. It’s very light and airy, won’t be too heavy during the day and it will help keep you warm once the sun goes down.

I swear it’s blue, poor lighting in my house…

* Lions Brand Homespun, it took about 3/4 of one skein
* I hook
* Yarn needle

* Ch – chain
* sc – single crochet
* skp st – skip stitch

Notes about this pattern:

– I find this to be a very “loose” pattern. All you have to do is get the first two rows right and the rest just “fall” into place.
– There is no real need to keep track of what your doing once you get into “the groove” you’ll notice your mind wandering on its own as your scarf grows!
– The rows should have 7 full diamonds ( not counting the half ones on the ends).

Ch 24
1. sc in 2nd ch from hk
*ch 5, skp 3 sts, sc in next st* repeat across
2. Ch 6, turn, sc into the 3rd ch of ch 5 from row 1 or “arch”
*ch 5, sc Into 3rd ch of arch* repeat across
ch 6, sc into last st of row
3 – ? Repeat rows 1& 2 for desired length, mine has 82 rows total.
Final Row:
– ch 3, turn, sc into 3rd ch of first arch
( ch 2, sc into 3rd ch of next arch ) repeat across
at last arch join, ch 2, tr into last st of row.
* leave attached for joining scarf together

Joing scarf:
– gently stretch out out scarf width wise. ( you can block right now if you want, I don’t feel it’s necessary due to the way the scarf is worn )
– lay flat with ends lined up, twist one half to make “infinity symbol”

– once you have your twist, use your foundation row and final row, slip stitch the two halves together.
F/O weave in ends, enjoy your snuggly creation!

Here are some photos to help with your stitch placement:

Where to place the sc in each “arch”:
Don’t fret over finding the exact 3rd ch, eyeball the center of the ch and you’ll be fine 😀

How to end a row:
The first thing you may notice is how it seems uneven to the edge, this is ok.

Just take your fingers and pull it straight so it lines up nicely with the edge, you will then use the very top st:

– Once you sc into the st, it will line up nicely with the edge, see:

And finally, when turning and beginning a new row, it will “bubble out” looking uneven. Have no fear, it’s ok it’s doing this, it will pull in slightly as you work the row and it will be straightened when you end the row above it.

And there you have it. I consider it relatively forgiving pattern wise. Perfection is not necessary.
Don’t you just love the open weave?! My mister said it looks so delicate and girly 😄!