Progress makes everything worth while….. ( a WIP )

I’m sorry to say that I have no new patterns for you today. My life has completely revolved around my current project.  It’s one of those “this is going to be great! What was I thinking?! Wait, it’s totally working!” types of projects.

It actually started weeks ago. Small, simple, quick enough. And then….. Well I got this brilliant idea at 1:00 a.m. ( yes I know, ideas at one in the morning are very rarely brilliant ). I woke up the next morning still on the “Yes!” high and ran off to the craft store to buy supplies. 

Let’s now fast forward about three weeks. After very many hours of questioning my judgement and sanity level, it has finally shown itself. I’m pleased as punch, it’s working the way it did in my mind!! 

I’m patterning out the entire thing ( which is not helping the time it’s taking ) and will be including it in group or set of patterns for sale. Not much longer, I can see the finish line, getting ready for detail work!

But for now, a sneak peek: 


Estimating height is just over a foot tall, once it’s done, I’ll actually take a ruler to it.


Wips and weaving in ends.

I feel as though I haven’t posted in a while. Forgive me, I have a couple of hooks going at once right now as well as my brain insisting on starting something new…. That’s how my thinking works, instead of focusing on what I’m currently doing, I’m working out the logistics and patterns of something else. I’m sure you’re all the same, let’s unite in our scatterbrained ways!! Not to mention one particular project requires quite a bit of end weaving…..I loathe weaving in ends!

Ugh!! Look at that…..
Sneak peak time!

Here’s that bloodly loose ended monster. I had a ton of random small balls of leftover yarn and felt the need to use them. This project moved a bit slower than I liked, but in order to get the look I was going for, it unfortunately had to be done in single crochet. The pattern is finally complete, however I’m not ready to post it. Being a stash buster I used worsted weight, which we all know is not the softest thing around. I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve to make it all sorts of snuggly and ( if it works 😁) will be posting that tutorial as well!
And then there’s this guy:

My darling mister is a tattoo artist/artist and always has these random ideas floating around in his head ( it’s like we were made for each other 😊). He couldn’t seem to shake a character and decided he needed to do something with him. What, I don’t know exactly, all I know is I was given a drawing and asked to make him. He’s already standing at a foot tall and his head isn’t even done. Mister seems pleased with his progress so I guess I’m getting his shape and over sized appendages right!
So that’s what’s going on, I also have another Doctor Who character rattling around, he’ll probably be next!
Thanks for reading!
P.s. Like the featured image pic, it has nothing to do with this post except this is why I’ve been hiding in my house for months. Have I mentioned before how much I hate winter?!