It’s cold and snowy here…so I made ornaments.

The day before thanksgiving Mother Nature decided we needed a snowstorm. Conveniently it stopped snowing overnight Wednesday, so travel on Thursday was perfectly safe, however the temperature dropped quickly and the snow is pretty much frozen in place.


My street. As pretty as it is, it turns me into a hermit! Today, mister is at work, offspring is off with friends, mom got bored. So, I made ornaments ( more, I know).


I decided to make two completely different options.


The first group are very rustic, smell amazing, and more suited to my style. The second ones are more whimsical I feel and just pretty to look at!
I’ll be posting the how tos in the next couple of days so you can make your favorite or both!
And on a side note/behind the scenes moment. I had decided that they needed to be photographed outside and the closest trees weren’t good enough. So I tromped through the woods, dropped a couple and froze my hands digging through snow…..someone should totally invent something to wear on your hands to keep them warm. 😉


Yup.. Didn’t even get dressed, just slid on my amazingly tacky boots (but oh so warm and waterproof!) and went on a jaunt in the snow!