Always keep those hands moving!

I have a problem where I can’t simply sit and watch t.v. It makes me feel like I’m wasting time if I don’t have a hook or needles in my hands! However, there are always down times, you’re in between projects or the inspiration is just not there. Luckily a few months back I came up with a solution, one that is easy to pick up and put down, plus you never need to buy yarn for it, win win!!
I’ve started making mitered squares. Instead of connecting as you go, typical of the “memory” style blanket, I’m simply making the squares and storing them away in a box. No need to buy yarn, just use the left over balls from previous projects. When I finally decide I have enough, I’ll sew them all together and have a squishy warm blanket to remind me of all past projects. 😍
I haven’t settled on a game plan yet for construction, but I’m totally leaning towards dropping them all in a bag and just pulling them out in a random order. Thinking a fun patchwork look to it. Someday in the next few months hopefully, I’ll be posting the actual blanket!



Strawberries and Cream

I’ve been in love with Tunisian crochet lately. I just love the way it stays loose and yet thick. So I decided to make a scarf using the Gobelin stitch. It’s a bit of a yarn eater, but oh so squishy in the finished form!! I grabbed some left over Caron one pound I had from a previous project and got to work. My daughter named it, she said its all she could thing of while I made it!! So here’s how I made the strawberries and cream scarf:
-worsted weight yarn, I used Caron One Pound
-afghan hook, size J ( out of personal preference, I’m using an extended hook, you don’t need to, you can use a basic straight one )
-yarn needle

Ch 30
Starting in second ch from hk:
1. *Insert hk into ch, yarn over, pull through, leave loop on hk.

Insert hk through next ch, yarn over, pull through, leave loop on hk* repeat across ch. -30 loops on hk

2. Yarn over hk, pull through first loop.
Yarn over hk, pull through next TWO loops.
*yarn over hk, pull through nest TWO LOOPS* repeat across.
You’ll end with one loop on hk.

Now we’re going to use the space between the stitches:

3. Insert hk through vertical space ( 1 ), yarn over hk, pull through, leave loop on hk. Insert hk through next vertical space ( 2 ), yarn over hk, pull through, leave loop on hk

Continue using vertical spaces until the end, skip the last vertical space and insert hk through the ch spot, yarn over, pull through. -30 loops on hk

4. Yarn over hk, pull through first loop. *Yarn over hk, pull through next TWO LOOPS.* repeat until end, ending with one loop on hk.

5. insert hk through second vertical space ( 2 ), yarn over hk, pull through, leave loop on hk. *Insert hk through next vertical space ( 3 ), yarn over, pull through, leave loop on hk.*

repeat to end, including the last vertical space. Insert hk into ch space, yarn over, pull through -30 loops on hk
Repeat rows 2 – 5 until,desired length.

To finish:
Finish on a repeat of row 4, fasten off the yarn leaving a long tail.
You can sew the two ends together or leave as a straight scarf, your choice!

Snow Day Scarf ( super fast, last minute gift idea! )

Went to Michaels today, saw this yarn, fell in love, had to have it. That’s it, that’s the whole reason/inspiration behind this scarf!!

Seriously though, it worked up so thick, warm and squishy!! And bonus, even though it’s called wool ease, it’s machine washable!!
So here you go, make yourself something that laughs at the cold days when the snow just keeps falling.

Super Bulky yarn ( size 6 ) I used two skeins of Lions Brand Wool Ease in Hudson Bay
P – hook
Yarn needle

For this cowl, we’re going to work in the third loop of a hdc:

In the first photo, you’re looking at the hdc from the front, in the second photo, we’re looking at it from the top. Work all of your stitches into the marked loop.

Ch 100
Slp st to form a ring being careful not to twist.
1.Ch 2, hdc in each st around – 99
2.slp st into first 2 ch, hdc in the third loop of each st around – 99
3-10. Repeat row #2
Fasten off, weave in ends.

Look! You can wear it two ways!!
This one is super easy to customize, use more than one color, just switch colors on each row, make it thicker or thinner by adding or subtracting rows.
Have fun with it and stay cute and toasty!
Alright, I had this pattern written up and on hold for a couple of weeks now. It’s been scheduled to post this morning, I woke up, looked out the window, saw this:

First significant snowfall of the season! And it’s still going. Turns out this scarf was named properly!!
Following the pattern, this took me only a couple of hours. So if you need a cute last minute gift, it’s perfect. The yarn can run you up to $10 a skein depending on your location, but don’t fear, go online and grab yourself a coupon. Michaels and joanns always have coupons available on their websites! 😉

DIY witches broom

Fall is here!!!!!! Ok, got a little excited about that. Today was crisp and cool with the perfect amount of sun and breeze. I decided the perfect day to finally make a witches broom for the front step.
Again, I spent no money on this craft and you can too!
So, let’s play!
-a long stick or branch depending on the size you want. Go on a hike, crunch some leaves underfoot, bring home supplies. 😜
-older straw broom. I got mine from my grandparents basement. I believe you can purchase them cheaply though.
-twine/rope/string, whichever makes you happy. 😊
– scissors, perhaps a hammer ( ? ) these tools depend on your broom. Mine was extremely old and required a bit of stubborn brute strength to dismantle!

As you can see my broom had a welded metal bar wrapped around it. I proceeded to pick up my phone and call my brother. He came right over and applied the above mentioned brute strength!!
Anyway, you need to first remove the straw from the broom. After the metal was removed and he uncoiled the wire at the top, I cut the rope from center pieces and begin pulling the straw out.

Next spread your straw out, keeping it thick enough to hide the stick.
Place your stick on the straw. I placed my stick pretty far in on purpose.

Cover the top and sides of the stick. Take your string/twine/rope and pull it tight around the bundle ( keeping close to the top ) tie a knot.
( or you know have brother do this too! )

Continue wrapping the top of your broom until you’re happy with the look. Tie it off, display your pretty.
Tada you’ve made a witches broom for your porch! Or your brother basically did, but it was your idea and you told him what to do, so same thing right?!


Free Pattern jump start!

I’m being super smart and prepared this year. Started working on the free holiday patterns for everyone already! The Halloween ones were finished yesterday and I also have a non crochet craft in mind for Halloween as well. Getting the Christmas ones started today.
But for now, here’s a sneak peak of what I have ready for you all for Halloween this year!


Up cycled entertainment center pet bed.

Let’s be honest, I got bored! I’ve been working on two blankets, one knit, one crochet and they’ve been eating up a ton of my time. Every so often I need a break from them and need to make something in a day.
I introduce: the built in pet bed!

It took only a couple of hours and has helped clean up some space on the floor. Here’s how I did it.
First thing was to remove the door from the stand. Next we need to take the glass out:

Hold onto those screws, we’ll use them again!
Once the glass is gone, it’s time to take out the frame. Here’s where it got a little fun! I used a rubber mallet and lightly hit them from the inside out. They popped out no issue.

I did use a little black paint to cover up the spots where they connected, blends right in now, you can’t even tell they were there. 😃
While your paint is drying, sew up some curtains. Helpful tip: make your curtains a few inches longer than you need. Since you’ll be tying them back the extra length will be pulled up and just look better!
Now grab those saved screws, we’re going to attach our curtains using them!

I used the holes already there! My curtains are held up by three screws across the top and only two down the sides.
Reattach the door to the stand, use a piece of twine or ribbon to pull back the curtains, add a bed!
Hopefully you like, my three have been bouncing in and out of it for two days now. Come winter and cold, they’ll be fighting over who gets the squishy cave!

Crochet plant covers.

I love having plants in my house. Granted I’m not claiming to have the greenest thumb out there, so I keep to the easy to care for types. Nonetheless, I have managed to get quite a group going. While the plants are lovely to look at, the plain plastic pots are not, and who needs to go out and buy expensive decorative pots when you have yarn?!
So I’ve crocheted two pot covers and am in the process of at least one more right now. I love them, no rhyme or reason to it, just whatever happens to strike my fancy at the time.

Here’s how I did it! First I traced the base of each pot on a piece of cardboard ( I totally used a cereal box! ):

You’ll notice numbers in each circle, that is the height of each pot!! I measured how high I wanted to go and simply kept the ruler with me while crocheting. No need to keep getting up and trying it on for height!
Then I did the basic flat circle increase until it fit the circle:

The next row was done in the back loops only, to help the base stay nice and flat.
From that point on I simply kept crocheting, some rows are single crochet, some are double. I just went with it!
Here are close ups of each.

They are easy to customize to match decor and make your plants look so much cuter wearing their sweaters!!
Hope you enjoy.


Bow tie collar for your fur child!

It’s raining hard here and I got bored, so today I whipped up a bow tie collar for Fat Louis. This only took an hour or so and the possibilities are endless for customizing!!
The collar size is based off your pet, however the bow size was made for a little guy, so small dogs and cats it is. However, the steps are the same no matter what size you make the bow, so feel free to make some big dog ones!
Pet Collar Bow Tie:


-small amount of fabric
-needle, thread, pins
-sewing machine ( optional )

For the Bow, cut a piece of fabric 6 inches by 5 1/2 inches
For the knot, cut a piece of fabric 3 inches by 3 1/2 inches

-Turn you pieces inside out and pin two sides shut, sew the pinned sides together.


-Turn them both right side out and sew the open ends closed.
-Sew the “knot” together to form a circle, it doesn’t have to be perfect as it will be in the back.


-Slide the the bow through the knot. If you choose to, you can secure it in place with a couple of hidden stitches.



-worsted weight yarn any color ( great stash buster! )
-yarn needle
-small button

Using G-hook and worsted weight yarn, ch 4

1. Starting in second ch from hk, sc across – 3
2. Ch 1, turn, sc across – 3

Repeat row #2 until desired length for pets neck, minus the final two rows.
Final two rows will be for button hole

Button Hole:
Ch 3 turn skp 2 sc, sc in final stitch.

Ch 1 turn, sc around the ch, fasten off weave in ends.

Sew button to opposite end of collar. Slide collar through back of knot on bow.

All done, quick and easy! Make sure to remove collar if pet is unattended. 😃


Turkey day decor ðŸ¦ƒ

Thanksgiving is approaching! And while I do love the holiday, family gatherings, huge meals, no pressure to buy presents, I must admit I’m horrible about decorating for it! Honestly I just want to put up my Christmas as soon as I take down Halloween….but alas, mister won’t allow such things. 😥
So a few years back I made a couple of small thanksgiving type items I’d thought I’d share with you. While I don’t have instructions written out, I do believe they are pretty easy to mock!

You will need felt pieces in whatever colors you choose.
Embroidery floss to match your felt.
And get creative here, ribbons for garland, magnets to glue on, etc.

All I did was go online and print out a couple of different leaf and turkey templates. Look for the simplest shaped ones.

Then for the leaves, trace and cut two in different colors. I then just cut out some “slits”, this will allow your bottom color to show through.
Use your embroidery floss to sew them together.
The turkey was a bit more time consuming but I insisted it needed to be done in all separate pieces.

Simple! I glued magnets to mine so I can put them up on the fridge! Or you can make a garland with the turkey in the center and lots of leaves on the sides!!

Here are some close up shots:



Simple! Hope you enjoy!