Make a Stick Star, pretty up your front door ( how- to)

My front door had been bothering me recently, far to bland. To spruce it up, I went for a quick walk through my yard. 

I have decided to do this outside. One, it’s gorgeous out and two, they are sandy and have loose bark on them that’s falling off as I work. 

All you need is a pile of branches/sticks, some string and scissors. 

I don’t have anymore hemp (remember that basket, it pretty much ate it all up) and was determined not to spend any money on this, so I used embroidery floss and some strands of jute I had laying around.

First step, break or cut all the sticks the same size. I used 10 total so the star would be a bit more substantial looking. 

Next, pair up your sets. Being natural materials, some have bends to them and you’ll want to match up shape as best as possible.  Then I used brown embroidery floss to tie the ends together, you’ll have five little bundles.

I swear there are five my picture just cut one group out! 😆

Now, simply place the groups in star formation and tie them together. I wrapped each joining point a few times to make sure it holds tight.  Then I used my “pretty” jute cord and wrapped around the floss to make it look better.

Hang, rinse the dirt off your hands and enjoy!



Brush that yarn! (seriously, do it)

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I love saving money and using up items I already have.  Another little tidbit, I loathe working with fuzzy yarn. Sometimes though, you really want that fuzzy/soft look and I have found the solution!

This is super easy and only takes a few extra minutes. I recommend making each separate piece first, then brush, and finally sew together.

Here’s what you need:

  1. A metal comb or brush, I used my cat brush ( because there’s no way I’m allowed to use it on the cats! )

2. A finished piece of work:

3. Simply brush it! It’s that easy. Just watch your fingers, those metal prongs can hurt!! The longer you brush, the fuzzier it becomes:

Imagine the possibilities, it can easily turn a simple item into something a bit more special.


Invisible color changing ( tutorial )

I do a lot of color changing in my crochet projects, and nothing bothers me more than that jagged row where you can see the color switch. Particularly when you’re working in stripes…ugh!!
But worry no more, here’s how to avoid it and have perfect fluid switches without having to fasten off everytime!

Alright, here we go!
This is a hat pattern I’m working on for you all and I’m about to change colors.


– First, pull the hook out of the loop, and insert into the next stitch, front to back:


– Now slide the hook back through the original loop:


– Ok, color change time. Take your new color and yarn over the hook:


– Pull through both the loop and stitch:


– Yarn over the hook and pull through:


And there you have it. A perfectly smooth color change.
I’ll be posting a bobble stitch how to soon as well.
Following that a new hat pattern that requires both color changing and bobble stitches! Stay tuned and practice your color changes.

Tunisian Crochet ( a how to )

I love myself some Tunisian crochet. There’s something repetitive and calming about it and the finished product is just so lovely.
Tunisian or Afghan crochet is much easier than it looks, all you need is your favorite yarn and an afghan hook.


As you can see, the hook is longer than your average hook and has a stopper on the end. This is to keep your stitches from falling off!
I suggest a worsted weight yarn to practice with. Once you get the hang of it, you can switch to a “fancier” yarn.

Ok, here we go!

*Step one:
-ch 15. Personal opinion here, it’s an easier number to work with.


*Step two: starting in the second chain from the hook
-Insert hook through the ch, yarn over, pull through. You now have 2 loops on the hook.
-Insert the hook through the next ch, yarn over, pull through. You now have 3 loops on the hook.
-Continue in this manner for the entire chain.
-this is your foundation.


*Step three: The beauty of Tunisian crochet, is there is NO turning of your piece! Here we go:
-yarn over the hook, pull through the first loop on hk.
-yarn over the hook, pull through the next two loops.
-yarn over the hook, pull through the next two loops.
-continue all the way across making sure to pull through two loops each time, until you have one loop remaining on hook.

See how it starts to “fall” off the hook.


*Step four: you will notice vertical posts on your piece now, from this point on, you will work in these


– insert hook through the second post, yarn over, pull through. You now have two loops on hook.
– continue in the same manner all the way across


Step five: repeat step three!
– yarn over pull through first loop.
– yarn over pull through next two loops, etc.


⬆️ there are your first two rows ⬆️
-remember to use the vertical posts.

*To finish a Tunisian crochet piece, you simply slip stitch across the row:
– You will be working from right to left, insert hook through post, yarn over, pull through both loops on hook. This leaves you one loop on hook.
– Continue across; insert hook through next post, yarn over, pull through both loops on hook, again you have one loop left on hook.

And that is the Tunisian crochet stitch, see easier than it looks! 😀


Look how pretty the stitch looks!!