“Sugar cookie ornaments” ( to hang NOT eat )


These ornaments are too cute! They’re made with items you most likely have in your kitchen, so preheat that oven and “bake” up a batch for your tree.


* 1 cup flour
* 1 cup salt
* about 1/2 cup water
* extra flour for rolling
* rolling pin
* parchment paper
* cookie cutters any shape

1. Preheat oven to 300 degrees

2. Using a mixer with paddle attachment, combine flour and salt

3. Slowly add water a little bit at a time, you may not need it all, until the dough combines and is not sticky.


4. Place in fridge for about 10 min, to firm up a bit.

5. Roll out on well floured surface, about 1/4 inch thick. Cut out shapes.


6. Place on parchment covered cookie sheet, bake about 30 min.

7. Flip over about halfway through.

You want them to dry out, but NOT brown. Let cool, make the “icing”.


* mod modge or white glue
* food coloring
* sprinkles ( optional)
* small bowls for mixing


1. Mix about 1 tablespoon (there’s really no measuring here) of mod podge and food coloring. Add color in small amounts, mix well before adding more. ( remember you can always add but not take out!)
2. either carefully dip or paint color on, if you’d like to add sprinkles, add them when the glue is still wet.

Let dry completely, run ribbon through hole, hang on tree!

* Remember, do not eat!!*