Tag Sale season!!!

Tag sale season, or yard sale depending on where you’re from, started here about a month ago. We have a bit of a disadvantage to going as my mister works Saturday’s and I don’t like going without him…. I know lame, but I need his muscles! But we scour Craigslist every Thursday and make a checklist of the ones in our area we can hit before he leaves. 

Today, it paid off Big Time!! We hit up a six house neighborhood tag sale just down the street from us. Perfect, just park in the middle and walk. By the end, the older home owners were discussing the 50s and 60s with us and smiling at the pile next to our car. ( quick shoutout to my VW Golf for fitting it! )

Made fast friends with the older gentleman who sold us the WORKING record player with all original paperwork for a measly $15!!

Mister is super excited about his new Pyrex, and I’m loving the lines on my new chair 😍

So here’s to tag sale season, I hope all of you who shop like us find the ultimate treasures this summer!


Mm mm cookies


Cookies, no reason, just cookies. You know what?! You never need a reason for cookies. If anyone ever says you do, ditch them. You dont need that negativity in you life……