Pretty sure my cats hate me.

I LOVE Christmas. Seriously it’s ridiculous how much I enjoy the holiday. The lights, trees, decorations, music, you name it, I love it. On the flip side, my mister is a bah humbug. Decorating before Dec 1st I’d forbidden, however he does allow me to make festive bows for the cat. Even he thinks she’s adorable in them!
This year though we have TWO cats for me to “accessorize”! Mister texted me from work one night 6 months ago, he had a surprise, walked in carrying a kitty! My girl is used to my “shit” ( I swear by the looks she gives me that’s her word choice ). She wears her bows and just deals with the non stop photos. Little man is not so sure about it, he’s been wearing it for about 3 hours now. It seems to startle him whenever he goes to scratch his neck, but I think he’ll learn to love it ( mister says I’m delusional ). Either way, they look adorable and are humoring me nicely. I think little man is fitting in quite nicely!!


See, so freaking adorable!!! And then there’s this one……. He’s letting his true feelings known here.