How to make a Magic Circle

Magic Circle:

The magic circle is a great little trick to know. It’s perfect for hats and Amigurumi alike, basically anytime you need to crochet in the round and do not want a hole in your piece.
I had struggled trying to learn this stupid thing and must have watched countless YouTube videos and read zillions of blogs ( seriously, zillions )! As with any thing though, I persisted and finally figured it out and am going to show you how. Hopefully this tutorial will be helpful. Once again as with all, it is extremely picture heavy.
Lets begin:

– loosely wrap yarn around your fingers. You want the tail in your palm and working piece behind your hand. The yarn is slightly crossed being held in place by the thumb:


– Insert the hook through the loop behind your fingers. Catch the piece of working yarn with the hook, look at the picture, the hook is on TOP of the yarn, not below it:


– Pull back through the main loop, you will now have a loop on your hook:


– Gently remove your fingers from the main loop and grab the working yarn:


– Yarn over hook and pull through the loop that is on the hook, you should have this knot:


– Ok, now you’re ready to crochet, for this how-to I’m just using single crochet.
Insert the hook through the main loop front to back, yarn over the hook, pull through, you now have two loops. Yarn over the hook again and pull through both loops. You have completed one single crochet on your magic loop:


– Continue single crochets based off pattern you are using.
Be sure to crochet around both the loop and tail.
When you have finished the required number of stitches you are ready to close your loop.
– To do this, you are going to grab hold of the tail and pull tight!


– Tada! A finished magic circle, with no hole in the center:


Keep practicing, the more you try it, the faster and smoother it will be to make.