Recycled Candles ( how to )

If you’re anything like me, you love burning candles. And if you’re still like me, it causes you physical pain to shell out mad dollars for expensive candles while you sit at home staring at all the wasted left over wax said candles leave behind.
I have decided enough was enough, I’ve taken to buying candles at the local goodwill ( $2.00 for a large pillar? Why yes, yes I will buy that ) and that this leftover wax needs to be re-used!
Here’s how I recycle my candle wax for the price of wicks at Michaels. Which I will say, they cost about $4.00 for a pack of six, and you can use the online coupons for 40 – 50% off which makes it ridiculously affordable!
Recycled Candles


* Left over wax
* Candle wicks
* Soup can or an equivalent ( just wash one out the next time you make soup or open a can of vegetables/dog food )
* Medium pot
* Clean and dry glass container ( I used a destroyed vintage pyrex dish )
* A stirring device ( I use an old chopstick )
* Thin dowel to support wicks
* Essential oil, optional

– Start by filling your pot with 2 – 3 inches of water and turning your heat just below medium.
– place a small bit of wax into the can and place the can in the center of the pot.
– let the wax melt slowly, once it is melted pour about 1/4 inch into your container:

– place your wicks into the wax:

– while the wicks cool down, add more wax to the can and let the water simmer allowing the wax to melt slowly. Stir periodically to make sure all wax has melted and you do not have chunks floating in the bottom.
– slowly add more wax bits to the melting wax, you want enough in your can to fill your container at once, otherwise your candle will be layered. ( which could be real pretty if you have different colors and a clear container! ):

– if you are adding essential oil, add a few drops in when your wax has melted.
– SLOWLY pour the wax into the container ( I like to hold the bottom of the can with a towel, it does not get hot, this just prevents water from dripping into the candle. You will notice your wicks droop, what’s happening is the wax coating is melting, I simply bend the top over a dowel and it holds it standing upright while the candle dries:

– let cool. Be patient during the cooling process, the warmer the climate the longer it takes.
– once cool, you may find a “dip” in your candle:

The color here is a mess, I used a mix of leftover pieces which resulted in a “not so pretty” result. Have no fear, it’s about to become pretty!
– melt more wax, fill in the center crevice to even the top out:

– you can see in the photo, the darker center was the “dip”. I filled it, waiting about 30sec and then gently swirled the container to even it out.
– once completely cooled, trim wicks enjoy!