Double knitting is genius!

I’m certain I’m late to the game here, but I’ve just discovered double knitting!! My personal preference for mittens and fingerless gloves is flat knitting, seaming up after. What I wasn’t a fan of was one at a time and risking tension issues. Now having both going at the same time has solved my problem, consistent tension through out both items, brilliant!!

Also, let’s talk about Caron Cakes. Love them for these! Just let the yarn change at its own pace. No two are alike. I made a whole bunch of each, dropped them into bins and let the family pick which ever two struck their fancy. Guaranteed to “match” color family and yet have some character and quirk, plus such fun watching them all dig and fight over ones they wanted! Theses are the sets my daughter picked out.




Marley’s Mitts ( quick fingerless gloves )

One last before Christmas pattern for you all! Named after my daughter who quickly stole them as her “payment” for modeling them, these fingerless mittens work up so fast you still have the time to make a few for gifts. This pair was made in one evening!
As she says “oh my god mom, they are so soft!” as well as easy to make. They are faux cables! There’s no real cabling going on here, just a little crochet cheating!!

Marley’s Mitts
L hook
Yarn needle
Super Bully weight yarn in size 6
I used Isaac Mizrahi craft in “Central Park”
I needed two skeins of this yarn, one for each glove. With a small bit left over from each.

Ch 22
1. Starting in third ch from hk, dc across, ch 1, turn – 20
2. slp st across in the back loops only, ch 2, turn – 20
3. dc in each st across in the back loops only, ch 1, turn – 20
4. slp st across in the back loops only, ch 2, turn – 20
5. dc in each st across in back loops only, ch 1, turn – 20
6. slp st across in back loops only, ch 2, turn – 20
7. dc in each st across in back loops only, ch 2, turn – 20
8 – 12. dc in each st across in both loops, ch 2, turn – 20 each row
*Fold the glove in half in side out. Make sure when they are right side out, you have a thumb hole on the proper side for a right and left glove. The ridges should be on top for each glove when right side out.
*Starting from the bottom, sew the first 12 sts of each side together, skip 6 sts ( this is your thumb hole )sew the remaining 3 together.
*sc around the top and bottom edges to give it a more streamlined look.
*weave in all ends.

Starting at the bottom of the glove;
* Slip st into the right loop of the center ridge:

*Chain 5 ( pull your chains tight ). Count up 5 stitches on the far right ridge. Slp st into the left loop of the fifth st:

*Count up 10 sts of the center ridge from bottom. Slp st into the right loop of the 10th loop:

* Continue going back and forth up the right side. Counting 10 stitches between each join.
* When you reach the top, you will turn the chain and follow the same pattern going down the left side.
* Fasten off, weave in all ends.
Wrap them up and you have a quick and luxurious gift! Or you know, keep them for yourself. That was my intention….

Quick and easy warmth. (Free patterns)


I like to think of these as the “oh crap I need a present!” mittens. Both sets work up quickly, with the fingerless obviously being a bit faster.
You’ll need an I – hook and worsted weight yarn. I made the hat out of Red Heart Super Saver Solids, the fingerless mitts are Red Heart With Love, and the full mittens are Loops and Threads Impeccable. So you have many options to choose from.
This is the mitten pattern, I’ll post the hat later this evening or tomorrow.

Basic Mittens/Fingerless Mitts



* hk – hook
* sc – single crochet
* slp st – slip stitch
* ch – chain
* hdc – half double crochet
* inc – increase ( 2 hdc in same stitch )
* dec – decrease
* bl – back loops

* I highly recommend weaving in loose ends as you go, it’s easier than turning the piece inside out when finished.
* Follow the main hand pattern for either style, it will let you know when to stop/or continue based off which one you are making.

(for both)

ch 11
1. Starting in 2nd ch from hk, hdc across, ch 1, turn – 10
from this point, work only in back loops
2. hdc across, ch 1, turn – 10
3-21. repeat row 2 – 10 each row
F/O, sew two short ends together.


1. slp st into top of cuff, sc evenly around – 24
2. hdc in each st around – 24
3-4. Repeat row 2 – 24 each row
5. ( hdc 5, inc ) 4x – 28
6. ( hdc 6, inc ) 4x – 32
7. ( hdc 7, inc ) 4x – 36
8-9. hdc around – 36 each row
10. hdc 27, ch 5, skp 7 sts, hdc – 34 ( counting the chain, ignoring the skp sts )
11. hdc around ( using ch, ignore skp sts ) -34
12. hdc around – 34
13. ( hdc 16, dec ) 2x – 32
14. hdc around – 32
15. hdc around – 32
16. ( hdc 15, dec ) 2x – 30

**Fingerless only:

17. ( hdc 7, dec ) 3x – 27
18. hdc around – 27
19. sc around in bl only, F/O, weave in ends.

Thumb: for fingerless mitts

slp st into corner of thumb hole
1. sc around – 15
2. hdc around – 15
3. ( hdc 3, dec ) 3x – 12
4. hdc around – 12
5. repeat row 4, F/O, weave in ends.


**Full Mittens only:

17. hdc around – 30
18. Repeat row 17 – 30
19. ( hdc 4, dec ) 5x – 25.
20. hdc around – 25
21-23Repeat row 20 – 25
23. ( hdc 3, dec ) 5x – 20
24-25. hd around – 20
26. dec 10x – 10
27. dec 5x, F/O, sew shut.

Thumb: For full mitten

slp st into corner of thumb hole
1. Sc around – 15
2. hdc around – 15
3-4. Repeat row 2 – 15
5. ( hdc 3, dec ) 3x -12
6. hdc around – 12
7-9. repeat row 6 – 12
10. ( hdc 4, dec ) 2x – 10
11. dec 5x, F/O, sew shut



* These mittens are meant to be a bit more streamlined so they will fit snugger than your average pair.
* Remember crochet stretches as its worn.
* When closing off the thumbs, I prefer whip stitching the top, sew them shut however you like. 😀
* You can also add a small tag, I think it gives them a touch of something… Just use any ribbon you like, fold over the edge and sew into place. I picked up the adorable snowflake one at Michaels.

I hope you enjoy!

Finally done!

Took me a little longer than expected, but I finally finished the mitten/fingerless mitt pattern. May be because I decided that I needed to include a hat with them. And then in my typical scattered brained glory, tried it on once in process, decided it wasn’t slouchy enough, and then just went crazy adding rows….. The results are an incredibly SUPER slouchy hat, I love it!! Ahh happy accidents.


Look at those colors! They make me feel all warm and happy 😊.
So I have two teenage girls sitting on my couch who can’t be bothered to get up and go outside for a photo shoot. “Omg are you kidding it’s freezing out there!”
Hopefully I can get them outside tomorrow and then will have the patterns up for you lovelies. Until then, enjoy your evenings and stay warm!!

New Pattern coming soon! ( because it’s cold )

It’s been chilly here lately and I hate the cold! Typical of the area, my house is oil heated and anyone who knows the horrors of oil, it can get expensive. This time of year, you’ll find me wearing multiple layers in a feeble attempt at not going “heat broke”. And we won’t even talk about the instant icicles my poor hands turn into whenever I have to step outside. For these lovely reasons I have worked out two/one new pattern for you folks. Trust me, that makes sense it’s a “fitted” mitten ( for when those super bulky ones won’t do ) that can easily be turned into a fingerless mitt ( you know, to wear in the house. Don’t worry no ones judging you ).
So hang in there, I’ll be posting in a few days and your hands can to benefit from some new snugly warmth!