Brought back out those rag strips

Still trying to use up all those rag strips I have.
I had this brilliant idea that a floor pillow would be a great way to do this. There’s a lot of floor sitting in this house, mister drawing at the coffee table, offspring playing video games, it seemed like the perfect solution. Little did I know that I was blistering up my fingers to make a glorified dog bed! 😂

Not that they don’t want to use it, they both love it, just that someone else claimed it. Couldn’t even take a photo of it finished without him jumping on, silly boy.
It was super easy to make, I just went with the basic circle, changed colors when I felt like, threw in a few spike stitches for fun and done.
The best part, it’s drawstring on bottom!! It’s stuffed with extra blankets, storage and functionality, can’t beat that.
Being a glutton for punishment I decided to keep going with those rag strips and a new rug was in order.

This one was a bit more planned. I graphed out the diamond pattern and simply repeated it three times. The colors were picked simply based on supplies. There was a ton of that blue and I figured it would be enough. The final product has bit of a “beachy” feel to it, completely unintentional, yet very pleasing.

It made its new home in the sunroom, right across from the bench!! Combined, they both seemed to lighten up the room, give it a more “airy” feel. And yet again, my little photo bomber has to get in the shot.
Still have SO much more of this stuff to use. I’m going to give my hands and arms a break and try to brain storm some new ideas.


Ushering in spring.

Recently I was at my cousins house raiding his attic, oops I mean visiting.
He lives in my grandparents old house and has pretty much inherited everything with it, so when I’m looking to up cycle, straight to cousins I go! Trust me, he’s more than happy when I take something away 😂
My original reason for stopping by was lawn ornaments. I suddenly felt a huge need for some colorful creatures hanging out outside and I knew the grands had tons. One quick text later and I’m standing in a shed with my cousin laughing at me cringing and stepping away from shelves of gnomes. Sorry, those suckers creep me ( and the mister ) out…
We scored an amazing toadstool and an old cement frog that just makes me think of my gram when I see it. But the best thing ever, my side eyeing, you know he’s judging your life choices duck!! Fantastic, I love him 😂

They’re all so lovely and will look even better when the flowers and grass decide to finally grow again.
Anyway, back to the attic. A few months back I said to mister, we need a bench for the sunroom. He nodded ( probably just agreeing, he knows it’s easier that way ) I took it as a complete yes and started the search. I couldn’t seem to find what I was looking for. It had to be small, the rooms not very large, it had to be simple, and it had to be pretty. My attention span being what it is, after a few store visits, I gave up and completely forgot. And that’s how I found myself moving boxes and digging through the attic. Sure enough, buried in one of the back rooms under bird cages and behind a crib, my perfect little bench!

I completely looked it over last time I was there. I blame the horrible color just blending into shadows and walls. A quick trip to the hardware store for some sandpaper and paint, some elbow grease from mister, I totally started sanding it myself but being the kind guy he is he took over, and :

The perfect little pretty bench! It’s just so happy now and excellent for sitting to take off or put on your shoes.

Replanting succulents, up cycled plant holder!

Some days I just don’t wanna crochet! 😫 horrible, I know, but when it gets sticky hot I don’t really want to be sitting on furniture with a skein of yarn in my lap. Today its sticky, damp, rainy, just not feeling any motivation at all!! I do feel like I need to be productive though so I found a simple little project that only took an hour or so.

I love myself some succulents, they’re gorgeous and easy to maintain. For Mother’s Day the mister got me THREE new ones, all were planted happily with the others and we’re doing great! A few days ago I noticed my little lotus was being suffocated by his “roommate”. That would just not do!! So I quickly made him a deluxe apartment in the sky!😃

I used a mason jar, doily, and some yarn. Channel your inner high schooler and make some “ropes” for hanging. I just went with the round friendship bracelets we all used to make! Ran a strand of yarn through the top of the doily and cinched it around the jar. Securely tied on my ropes, planted the succulent and viola! Upcycled and pretty: 

  Now if the sun would come out we’d be good to go!!