Bakeneko ( Louise Belchers amazing toys

Yet again Bobs Burgers has infiltrated my crochet world. Louise has the best toys in her room and all I ever want to do is make real versions of them! Bakeneko has always been my favorite of her collection and after catching “Flu-ouise” on repeat again the other evening I knew I had to just do it.
My main criteria for him was that he had to be true to size. Best way to do that, blanket yarn! It made him super soft and squishy as well. I decided to go darker in his color and followed the triangle pattern from the actual episode as opposed to when he’s just lying around her room.
I have to say, blanket yarn is a bit trying to work with when you’re intentionally making tight stitches!! He took a bit longer than I expected to work out, however I’m very pleased with him now that he’s done. Now, whenever I walk into my living room, this 19inch Bakeneko stares at me from the corner. All I can hear is him singing! 😂

He’s oh so cute!



Rug making

Last spring we moved into an old house. Built in the 1870s, it has all the charm and little details one would expect. And while I like the majority of them, creaky floors, low narrow staircase and “quaint” bedroom, there is one thing that I can’t get used to. Those old creaky floors…. Love the sound, love the look, hate the cold!! In the summer, they’re great, in the winter, not so much. There’s nothing worse than getting out of bed to use the bathroom and freezing the soles of your feet instantly.
Luckily I was gifted quite a few bags of rag strips and knew what had to be done!
I grabbed my Q hook, dug through the bags, picked out a couple of colors and got to work. Unfortunately I learned quickly that what looks like a lot of material is in fact not as much as you think…. so it came out a bit more eclectic than I planned, however the more I look at it the more I love it! It matches the wallpaper, fits perfectly next to my bed in my tiny little room and no more cold feet!!

I googled away and found this great pattern here:
I’m already pairing up colors for more, planning a half circle for in front of the kitchen sink and possibly an oval for the upstairs hallway.
Using the rag strips makes it so thick and squishy under foot, and the animals love laying on it!
If you don’t have pre-stripped material you can use t-shirt yarn ( as the original pattern suggests ) or cut up old sheets for yourself.( your local thrift store is a great place to buy them cheap!)

There’s something so satisfying about making something instead of buying it, plus the final product will be unique to you, your home, and your family!

Double knitting is genius!

I’m certain I’m late to the game here, but I’ve just discovered double knitting!! My personal preference for mittens and fingerless gloves is flat knitting, seaming up after. What I wasn’t a fan of was one at a time and risking tension issues. Now having both going at the same time has solved my problem, consistent tension through out both items, brilliant!!

Also, let’s talk about Caron Cakes. Love them for these! Just let the yarn change at its own pace. No two are alike. I made a whole bunch of each, dropped them into bins and let the family pick which ever two struck their fancy. Guaranteed to “match” color family and yet have some character and quirk, plus such fun watching them all dig and fight over ones they wanted! Theses are the sets my daughter picked out.



Rick and Morty

My daughter and guy are obsessed with Rick and Morty. Which means of course that I have to sit through it whenever it’s on. There’s only so much of watching something I can handle before my brain goes “psst, you can make that”. Fought the urge for weeks, finally gave in.
I also tried something new and used puff paint for detail work on these. Very pleased with the outcome and my Rick and Morty fans are in love. So, win win for all!


They ended up larger than I anticipated, Rick is 18 inches and Morty 13.5! But that’s what happens when you just free hand…

Always keep those hands moving!

I have a problem where I can’t simply sit and watch t.v. It makes me feel like I’m wasting time if I don’t have a hook or needles in my hands! However, there are always down times, you’re in between projects or the inspiration is just not there. Luckily a few months back I came up with a solution, one that is easy to pick up and put down, plus you never need to buy yarn for it, win win!!
I’ve started making mitered squares. Instead of connecting as you go, typical of the “memory” style blanket, I’m simply making the squares and storing them away in a box. No need to buy yarn, just use the left over balls from previous projects. When I finally decide I have enough, I’ll sew them all together and have a squishy warm blanket to remind me of all past projects. 😍
I haven’t settled on a game plan yet for construction, but I’m totally leaning towards dropping them all in a bag and just pulling them out in a random order. Thinking a fun patchwork look to it. Someday in the next few months hopefully, I’ll be posting the actual blanket!


I’m back!

Oh my have I been a terrible blogger…….
I’m terribly sorry, life just sometimes gets in the way.
So anyway, what’s new? I have seemed to achieve my goal of learning to knit, I’m not the best knitter out there for sure, but I can definitely make items now!
Crocheting has not been pushed aside by any means, my hook has been busy! For some reason I have been obsessed with making blankets and shawls lately.
In a day or two ill post a pattern I just finished writing up, this time around it’s going to be a paid pattern.
Until then here are a few things that have kept me busy.
See you soon 😃






I’ve learned to knit! ( barely )

Hope everyone had a happy holiday and the new year is good to you as well!
For the first time in a long while, we decided to just stay home this year and had the most amazing and calm Christmas. I took the opportunity to try my hand at something new. I’ve started knitting! It’s something I’ve been wanting to get into and just never found the time.
I have much to learn and lots of practice to go, but I feel I’m off to a good start.

I’m loving chunky wool, it makes such delicious and warm hats! The shawl was a gift for my mother for Christmas, she loved it. 😊
Also working on some new crochet hats. Trying to be prepared this year for the craft fair season and am working out patterns and items I want to sell. I feel the knit hat is on my list, but still on the fence with the tunsian hat, it mocks knit so well, is very thick and warm, but a bit stiff. The Pom Pom one is definitely on my list to make more of. It’s so soft and has an amazing slouchy drape!

By the way, was gifted a clover Pom Pom maker, I highly recommend getting one. They are amazing!!
Well that’s it for now.

The making of a “scrap-ghan”

All yarn-ists, will inevitably have the issue of too many left over scrap balls. I found myself in this predicament recently and it was stressing me out. So many small balls of yarn taking up space, not big enough to do anything spectacular with, yet still enough to be unable justify just tossing them. I spent weeks trying to figure out what to do with them and then one day inspiration struck!
I love blankets, I’m notorious for heading straight to blanket sections of thrift stores and can whole heartily admit I have too many. However, when you live in New England and winter strikes, nothing is better than curling up on your couch wrapped in soft cozy blankets!
With that in mind, I made the scrap-ghan!

Get it scrap-afghan, scrap-ghan!? Anyway….
The stitch choice is crucial in my opinion, get it wrong and the blanket ends up a hot mess. I settled on a C2C ( corner to corner ). It works up quickly and makes a soft drape.

If you need instructions for this stitch, I highly suggest watching The Crochet Crowd video on YouTube.

My first step was to gather all my scrap balls and pair them up by size. I tried my best to keep one light color with one dark color, didn’t always work, but hey I tried. I should also note that I made sure to use all the same weight yarn to keep it cohesive. Mine are all worsted weight.
Next I grabbed my N-hook. Went with the large hook here because I held two strands of yarn together the whole time, hence the pairing of sizes!!
And then, just C2C, I had plenty of yarn and extended it into a rectangular shape as opposed to the typical square. This took me about a week to make, had issues with a certain someone being obsessed with it!

We had a lot of that going on….
What started as a way to use up yarn, quickly became my family’s favorite blanket! Everyone who sees it loves it and want their own. It’s so soft, warm, and squishy.

So save up all those leftovers and make a new blanket for your home. 😍

Costume time!!

My daughters school does “senior Halloween”. It’s a right of passage deal where only seniors are allowed to dress up for school. The classes are basically cancelled and the kids are encouraged to go full out and stay in character all day. I give those teachers so much credit, she’s taken photos and videos of previous classes and its utter chaos!!
But, this is her year! They start planning in early summer and its now crunch time.
All over town you can see the high schoolers running in and out of thrift stores looking for pieces, the goal is always to be the best!
Happily I got to make one of my favorite characters from one of my favorite shows!! Momma didn’t even mind helping out, even taking on some of her friends pieces to get this perfect for them.
We spent a total of $20 and still plan on getting orange hair dye ( I’m not kidding about how serious they take this! ) and a box of Scooby snacks for her to feed “Scooby” throughout the day. So all in all I think we did well. She also has pink tights and some amazing retro purple heels. But here it is:

They’ve been practicing posing as a group, character runs, walking and the iconic Scooby/shaggy jump. Also “Scooby” has a mini van so they’re all being picked up and entering school as a group. Can’t wait to see the group photos!!