I need to stop with the Bob’s love……

……even I know it, don’t worry! But she’s the last one I promise.

Seriously though, how can a yarn crafter NOT make Gayle?! Unfortunately I’m not skilled enough to knit her like Mr. Frond, so here’s my crochet version.

Gotta love her no matter what 😂
Ok, all done with my Bob’s Burgers kick. On to something else!!


Brought back out those rag strips

Still trying to use up all those rag strips I have.
I had this brilliant idea that a floor pillow would be a great way to do this. There’s a lot of floor sitting in this house, mister drawing at the coffee table, offspring playing video games, it seemed like the perfect solution. Little did I know that I was blistering up my fingers to make a glorified dog bed! 😂

Not that they don’t want to use it, they both love it, just that someone else claimed it. Couldn’t even take a photo of it finished without him jumping on, silly boy.
It was super easy to make, I just went with the basic circle, changed colors when I felt like, threw in a few spike stitches for fun and done.
The best part, it’s drawstring on bottom!! It’s stuffed with extra blankets, storage and functionality, can’t beat that.
Being a glutton for punishment I decided to keep going with those rag strips and a new rug was in order.

This one was a bit more planned. I graphed out the diamond pattern and simply repeated it three times. The colors were picked simply based on supplies. There was a ton of that blue and I figured it would be enough. The final product has bit of a “beachy” feel to it, completely unintentional, yet very pleasing.

It made its new home in the sunroom, right across from the bench!! Combined, they both seemed to lighten up the room, give it a more “airy” feel. And yet again, my little photo bomber has to get in the shot.
Still have SO much more of this stuff to use. I’m going to give my hands and arms a break and try to brain storm some new ideas.

Some extra hanging storage for the bathroom

My bathroom has been bothering me lately, the walls seem too bare. It’s a great old room with a deep claw foot tub, pedal-stool sink and flowered wallpaper. While the closet space is excellent, the counter top situation is lacking. I actually have an amazing vintage hamper that we use as a table in there. I threw a doily on top and the mister calls it “granny chic”. However right above it is that empty space that bothers me. So I dug through my yarn bin, found a bunch of cotton to play with and got to work.
I am extremely pleased with the outcome and wrote it up to share.
So I give you:

Hanging Bathroom Storage:

* G hook ( 4mm )
* 2 skeins Sugar n Cream cotton ( I used Overcast ) you can use acrylic yarn if you’d like but I feel cotton will hold up better in a steamy bathroom.
* 3 buttons ( 1 & 1/8 in or 28mm in size )
* Yarn needle
* 6 stitch markers
* Small amount of yarn or twine for hanging ( the length is entirely up to your preference on looks )
* Either a stick or dowel for hanging 1/2 inch in diameter and 12 & 3/4 – 13 inches long
* Optional: glue ( I used a dab of hot glue to hold the twine securely )


* Ch – chain
* Hk – hook
* sc – single crochet
* st – stitch

Special stitch used: “Moss stitch ( or Granite stitch )” – will be explained in steps one and two.


Ch 62
1. starting in the 4th ch from the hk:
( sc, ch 1, skip next ch, sc in following ch, ch 1 )repeat across the entire ch – 30scs and 29 chs total.
2. ch 2, turn, ( sc in ch space, ch 1, skip next sc, sc in next ch space, ch 1 ) repeat across entire row.
3 – 45. repeat row #2 – each row will have 30scs and 29 chs
Fasten off, weave in ends.

Place stitch markers. When counting, make sure to count both stitches and chains. It helps to look at it from the top down.
Starting from the left side:
1. 5th stitch.
2. 11th stitch
3. 21st stitch
4. 31st stitch
5. 41st stitch
6. 51st stitch

Hanging tags:

Starting on the right side, insert your hk into the stitch with the 6th marker in it, slp st to join yarn.
1. sc across stopping in the stitch right before the next marker ( #5 ) – 9 make sure to use both the scs and chs.
2. ch1, turn, sc across – 9
3 – 14. repeat row #2 – 9 each row
15. ch 1, turn, sc 3, ch 3, skp next 3 stitches, sc in last 3 – 9
16. ch 1, turn, sc across ( using the 3 chs as well ) – 9
17 – 18. ch 1, turn, so across – 9 each row
Fasten off, weave in ends.

* Repeat these steps between markers #1 & #2 and between markers #3 & #4.

Sew on buttons:

I pretty much just eyeballed it here. Line them up in the middle, I used the last row of the base as a guide line.


Ch 62
Repeat rows #1 – #17 of the base.
Fasten off, leave an extra long tail for sewing.

* Pin the pouch to the bottom of the base and sew down each side and across the bottom.
* To divide, I placed a few pins, keeping 22 stitches on each side. This gave me two larger and one small section. Sew down.

Weave in all ends.

– Wrap your twine or yarn around the ends of your stick, attach your pouch and enjoy!
– Finished size 8 & 1/2 inches tall, 10 & 1/2 inches wide
– You can make it wider if you like by increasing your starting ch and following the same moss stitch pattern. Just make sure to start with an even number ch.