Snow Day Scarf ( super fast, last minute gift idea! )

Went to Michaels today, saw this yarn, fell in love, had to have it. That’s it, that’s the whole reason/inspiration behind this scarf!!

Seriously though, it worked up so thick, warm and squishy!! And bonus, even though it’s called wool ease, it’s machine washable!!
So here you go, make yourself something that laughs at the cold days when the snow just keeps falling.

Super Bulky yarn ( size 6 ) I used two skeins of Lions Brand Wool Ease in Hudson Bay
P – hook
Yarn needle

For this cowl, we’re going to work in the third loop of a hdc:

In the first photo, you’re looking at the hdc from the front, in the second photo, we’re looking at it from the top. Work all of your stitches into the marked loop.

Ch 100
Slp st to form a ring being careful not to twist.
1.Ch 2, hdc in each st around – 99
2.slp st into first 2 ch, hdc in the third loop of each st around – 99
3-10. Repeat row #2
Fasten off, weave in ends.

Look! You can wear it two ways!!
This one is super easy to customize, use more than one color, just switch colors on each row, make it thicker or thinner by adding or subtracting rows.
Have fun with it and stay cute and toasty!
Alright, I had this pattern written up and on hold for a couple of weeks now. It’s been scheduled to post this morning, I woke up, looked out the window, saw this:

First significant snowfall of the season! And it’s still going. Turns out this scarf was named properly!!
Following the pattern, this took me only a couple of hours. So if you need a cute last minute gift, it’s perfect. The yarn can run you up to $10 a skein depending on your location, but don’t fear, go online and grab yourself a coupon. Michaels and joanns always have coupons available on their websites! 😉


The making of a “scrap-ghan”

All yarn-ists, will inevitably have the issue of too many left over scrap balls. I found myself in this predicament recently and it was stressing me out. So many small balls of yarn taking up space, not big enough to do anything spectacular with, yet still enough to be unable justify just tossing them. I spent weeks trying to figure out what to do with them and then one day inspiration struck!
I love blankets, I’m notorious for heading straight to blanket sections of thrift stores and can whole heartily admit I have too many. However, when you live in New England and winter strikes, nothing is better than curling up on your couch wrapped in soft cozy blankets!
With that in mind, I made the scrap-ghan!

Get it scrap-afghan, scrap-ghan!? Anyway….
The stitch choice is crucial in my opinion, get it wrong and the blanket ends up a hot mess. I settled on a C2C ( corner to corner ). It works up quickly and makes a soft drape.

If you need instructions for this stitch, I highly suggest watching The Crochet Crowd video on YouTube.

My first step was to gather all my scrap balls and pair them up by size. I tried my best to keep one light color with one dark color, didn’t always work, but hey I tried. I should also note that I made sure to use all the same weight yarn to keep it cohesive. Mine are all worsted weight.
Next I grabbed my N-hook. Went with the large hook here because I held two strands of yarn together the whole time, hence the pairing of sizes!!
And then, just C2C, I had plenty of yarn and extended it into a rectangular shape as opposed to the typical square. This took me about a week to make, had issues with a certain someone being obsessed with it!

We had a lot of that going on….
What started as a way to use up yarn, quickly became my family’s favorite blanket! Everyone who sees it loves it and want their own. It’s so soft, warm, and squishy.

So save up all those leftovers and make a new blanket for your home. 😍

Tiny little turkey!

I don’t really decorate for thanksgiving, which is strange because I do love this time of year?! So I thought I needed to make something in honor of turkey day and of course a turkey was perfect!
Here he is, I just love him! He’s the perfect size for table settings, not too big and not too small.

G – hook
Medium weight ( 4 ) yarn: brown, yellow, and any color of choice for feathers
Safety eyes ( I used 9mm ) or black embroidery floss for eyes
Poly-fil stuffing
Yarn needle

ch – chain
sc – single crochet
inc – increase ( 2 single crochets in same hook )
dec – decrease ( crochet 2 stitches together)
slp st – slip stitch

Using brown, ch 2
1. sc 5 in second ch from hook – 5
2. 2sc in each st around – 10
3. ( sc, inc )5x – 15
4. ( sc 2, inc )5x – 20
5-8. sc around – 20
9. ( sc 2, dec )5x – 15
10. sc around – 15
If using safety eyes, attach to the sides of the head now. I put mine in between row #4&5
Begin stuffing
11. ( sc, dec )5x – 10
12-13. sc around – 10
14. ( sc, inc )3x, sc 4 – 13
15. ( sc 2, inc )3x, sc 4 – 16
16. ( sc 2, inc )4x – 20
17. ( sc 3, inc )5x – 25
18-21. sc around – 25
22. ( sc 3, dec )5x – 20
23. ( sc 2, dec )5x – 15
24. ( sc, dec )5x – 10
25. dec 6, sew shut, fasten off, weave in ends

Using yellow, Ch 2
1. 4sc in the second ch from hook – 4
2. 2sc in each st around – 8
3. sc around – 8
4. ( sc, inc )4x – 12
5. sc around – 12
Fasten off, leave long tail for sewing.

**_Wings:_ Make two**
Using brown, ch 2
1. 5sc in second ch from hook – 5
2. 2sc in each st around – 10
3-7. sc around – 10 each row
8. dec 4 – 6
9-11. sc around – 6 each row
Whip st closed ( do not stuff ) leave long tail for sewing.

**_Legs_: Make two**
Using yellow, ch 2
1. 6sc in the second ch from hk – 6
2. 2sc in each st around – 12
3. ( sc, inc )6x – 18
4-5. sc around – 18 each row
6. ( sc, dec )6x – 12
7. dec 3, sc 5 – 9
8. sc, dec 2, sc 4 – 7
Begin stuffing.
9-12. sc around – 7 each row
Do not stuff last two rows of leg. Sew shut flat. Leave long tail for sewing to body

_**Feathers**_: **make at least four of each**
Using brown ch 13
1.starting in second ch from hk, sc 10, slp st 2 – 12
2. ch 1, turn, slp st 3, sc 8, inc – 13
3. Now continuing around the back of the chain: inc, sc 8, slp st 3 – 13
From this point, you will have 26 stitches around with a flat base.
4. ch 1, turn, slp st 5, sc 7, inc, sc, inc, sc 7, slp st 5- 29
Fasten off, leave long tail for sewing.
_Using any color you choose and an F-hook_
Follow the pattern for the feather base row 1-3.
Leave a long tail, sew onto the brown base

**_Wattle:_ Make two**
Using red
Ch 4
1. starting in second ch from hk, slp st 2.
Fasten off, leave long tail for sewing.

Sew the beak on stuffing lightly as you go.
Sew wattles under the beak.
Sew on the feathers.
Sew on wings.
Sew on legs

Finished size: 4 1/2 inches sitting down.