Costume time!!

My daughters school does “senior Halloween”. It’s a right of passage deal where only seniors are allowed to dress up for school. The classes are basically cancelled and the kids are encouraged to go full out and stay in character all day. I give those teachers so much credit, she’s taken photos and videos of previous classes and its utter chaos!!
But, this is her year! They start planning in early summer and its now crunch time.
All over town you can see the high schoolers running in and out of thrift stores looking for pieces, the goal is always to be the best!
Happily I got to make one of my favorite characters from one of my favorite shows!! Momma didn’t even mind helping out, even taking on some of her friends pieces to get this perfect for them.
We spent a total of $20 and still plan on getting orange hair dye ( I’m not kidding about how serious they take this! ) and a box of Scooby snacks for her to feed “Scooby” throughout the day. So all in all I think we did well. She also has pink tights and some amazing retro purple heels. But here it is:

They’ve been practicing posing as a group, character runs, walking and the iconic Scooby/shaggy jump. Also “Scooby” has a mini van so they’re all being picked up and entering school as a group. Can’t wait to see the group photos!!


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