Random crochet for the pupper.

I’ve been working on a commission piece for a couple of weeks and desperately needed a break. So I took 2 days and whipped up some things for the dog!
Firstly, he had a Darth Vadar toy that he was beyond obsessed with. We knew it was the squeaker inside he truly loved, so when he officially killed the toy I knew I was going to have to save the squeaky bit. He was trying really hard to still play with it but had a hard time picking it up, so mom to the rescue!

I started crocheting a basic black tube and quickly decided it was too plain. So I grabbed a handful of yarn left overs and just went random with it.
Crochet right up to the point of decrease,then slide the toy in. Finish the decreasing and tada! He can grab it way easier now, it’s much nicer to look at, and there’s no need to throw it out and buy a new toy.

Next. Fall is rapidly approaching us here in good old New England. And while it’s still lovely out during the day, the nights have gotten cooler. So, he needed a new sweater! We’ll invest in a good winter coat when the time comes, but figured why waste money on a sweater he’ll only need for a month or two. I’m very proud of it, I think he looks dashing!

So that’s that. Suppose I’ll get back to the real work now….
See you soon! 😃


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