I joined a Halloween themed secret Santa swap in one of my vintage groups this year. And of course the person I’m paired with doesn’t even like Halloween all that much!! Ugh, fine, whatever. She does love Harry Potter and homemade gifts, so……

I made her a dobby! I’ll add him to the candies and smaller things I’ve already bought. Hopefully she likes him!


DIY witches broom

Fall is here!!!!!! Ok, got a little excited about that. Today was crisp and cool with the perfect amount of sun and breeze. I decided the perfect day to finally make a witches broom for the front step.
Again, I spent no money on this craft and you can too!
So, let’s play!
-a long stick or branch depending on the size you want. Go on a hike, crunch some leaves underfoot, bring home supplies. 😜
-older straw broom. I got mine from my grandparents basement. I believe you can purchase them cheaply though.
-twine/rope/string, whichever makes you happy. 😊
– scissors, perhaps a hammer ( ? ) these tools depend on your broom. Mine was extremely old and required a bit of stubborn brute strength to dismantle!

As you can see my broom had a welded metal bar wrapped around it. I proceeded to pick up my phone and call my brother. He came right over and applied the above mentioned brute strength!!
Anyway, you need to first remove the straw from the broom. After the metal was removed and he uncoiled the wire at the top, I cut the rope from center pieces and begin pulling the straw out.

Next spread your straw out, keeping it thick enough to hide the stick.
Place your stick on the straw. I placed my stick pretty far in on purpose.

Cover the top and sides of the stick. Take your string/twine/rope and pull it tight around the bundle ( keeping close to the top ) tie a knot.
( or you know have brother do this too! )

Continue wrapping the top of your broom until you’re happy with the look. Tie it off, display your pretty.
Tada you’ve made a witches broom for your porch! Or your brother basically did, but it was your idea and you told him what to do, so same thing right?!


Random crochet for the pupper.

I’ve been working on a commission piece for a couple of weeks and desperately needed a break. So I took 2 days and whipped up some things for the dog!
Firstly, he had a Darth Vadar toy that he was beyond obsessed with. We knew it was the squeaker inside he truly loved, so when he officially killed the toy I knew I was going to have to save the squeaky bit. He was trying really hard to still play with it but had a hard time picking it up, so mom to the rescue!

I started crocheting a basic black tube and quickly decided it was too plain. So I grabbed a handful of yarn left overs and just went random with it.
Crochet right up to the point of decrease,then slide the toy in. Finish the decreasing and tada! He can grab it way easier now, it’s much nicer to look at, and there’s no need to throw it out and buy a new toy.

Next. Fall is rapidly approaching us here in good old New England. And while it’s still lovely out during the day, the nights have gotten cooler. So, he needed a new sweater! We’ll invest in a good winter coat when the time comes, but figured why waste money on a sweater he’ll only need for a month or two. I’m very proud of it, I think he looks dashing!

So that’s that. Suppose I’ll get back to the real work now….
See you soon! 😃