Crochet plant covers.

I love having plants in my house. Granted I’m not claiming to have the greenest thumb out there, so I keep to the easy to care for types. Nonetheless, I have managed to get quite a group going. While the plants are lovely to look at, the plain plastic pots are not, and who needs to go out and buy expensive decorative pots when you have yarn?!
So I’ve crocheted two pot covers and am in the process of at least one more right now. I love them, no rhyme or reason to it, just whatever happens to strike my fancy at the time.

Here’s how I did it! First I traced the base of each pot on a piece of cardboard ( I totally used a cereal box! ):

You’ll notice numbers in each circle, that is the height of each pot!! I measured how high I wanted to go and simply kept the ruler with me while crocheting. No need to keep getting up and trying it on for height!
Then I did the basic flat circle increase until it fit the circle:

The next row was done in the back loops only, to help the base stay nice and flat.
From that point on I simply kept crocheting, some rows are single crochet, some are double. I just went with it!
Here are close ups of each.

They are easy to customize to match decor and make your plants look so much cuter wearing their sweaters!!
Hope you enjoy.



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