Up cycled entertainment center pet bed.

Let’s be honest, I got bored! I’ve been working on two blankets, one knit, one crochet and they’ve been eating up a ton of my time. Every so often I need a break from them and need to make something in a day.
I introduce: the built in pet bed!

It took only a couple of hours and has helped clean up some space on the floor. Here’s how I did it.
First thing was to remove the door from the stand. Next we need to take the glass out:

Hold onto those screws, we’ll use them again!
Once the glass is gone, it’s time to take out the frame. Here’s where it got a little fun! I used a rubber mallet and lightly hit them from the inside out. They popped out no issue.

I did use a little black paint to cover up the spots where they connected, blends right in now, you can’t even tell they were there. 😃
While your paint is drying, sew up some curtains. Helpful tip: make your curtains a few inches longer than you need. Since you’ll be tying them back the extra length will be pulled up and just look better!
Now grab those saved screws, we’re going to attach our curtains using them!

I used the holes already there! My curtains are held up by three screws across the top and only two down the sides.
Reattach the door to the stand, use a piece of twine or ribbon to pull back the curtains, add a bed!
Hopefully you like, my three have been bouncing in and out of it for two days now. Come winter and cold, they’ll be fighting over who gets the squishy cave!


Crochet plant covers.

I love having plants in my house. Granted I’m not claiming to have the greenest thumb out there, so I keep to the easy to care for types. Nonetheless, I have managed to get quite a group going. While the plants are lovely to look at, the plain plastic pots are not, and who needs to go out and buy expensive decorative pots when you have yarn?!
So I’ve crocheted two pot covers and am in the process of at least one more right now. I love them, no rhyme or reason to it, just whatever happens to strike my fancy at the time.

Here’s how I did it! First I traced the base of each pot on a piece of cardboard ( I totally used a cereal box! ):

You’ll notice numbers in each circle, that is the height of each pot!! I measured how high I wanted to go and simply kept the ruler with me while crocheting. No need to keep getting up and trying it on for height!
Then I did the basic flat circle increase until it fit the circle:

The next row was done in the back loops only, to help the base stay nice and flat.
From that point on I simply kept crocheting, some rows are single crochet, some are double. I just went with it!
Here are close ups of each.

They are easy to customize to match decor and make your plants look so much cuter wearing their sweaters!!
Hope you enjoy.


Pet Tepee

I was looking online the other day for crate alternatives. Louis loves his crate so much, we hate the way it looks, when we stumbled across pet tepees!
They were perfect! Cute, stylish, and more importantly an enclosed space for the pupster. Not so perfect, the prices!!
So in my “I can totally make that so much cheaper!” fashion, I sat down that night with stuff I had lying around. Seriously, I had bamboo poles, I have no idea why or where they came from?
It’s far from perfect but he loves the thing! At some point I will actually go buy some poles and new fabric and make him a larger one. But for now, no more tacky dog crates!!


P.s. I love how serious kitty boy is sitting in the uncovered frame!