Bow tie collar for your fur child!

It’s raining hard here and I got bored, so today I whipped up a bow tie collar for Fat Louis. This only took an hour or so and the possibilities are endless for customizing!!
The collar size is based off your pet, however the bow size was made for a little guy, so small dogs and cats it is. However, the steps are the same no matter what size you make the bow, so feel free to make some big dog ones!
Pet Collar Bow Tie:


-small amount of fabric
-needle, thread, pins
-sewing machine ( optional )

For the Bow, cut a piece of fabric 6 inches by 5 1/2 inches
For the knot, cut a piece of fabric 3 inches by 3 1/2 inches

-Turn you pieces inside out and pin two sides shut, sew the pinned sides together.


-Turn them both right side out and sew the open ends closed.
-Sew the “knot” together to form a circle, it doesn’t have to be perfect as it will be in the back.


-Slide the the bow through the knot. If you choose to, you can secure it in place with a couple of hidden stitches.



-worsted weight yarn any color ( great stash buster! )
-yarn needle
-small button

Using G-hook and worsted weight yarn, ch 4

1. Starting in second ch from hk, sc across – 3
2. Ch 1, turn, sc across – 3

Repeat row #2 until desired length for pets neck, minus the final two rows.
Final two rows will be for button hole

Button Hole:
Ch 3 turn skp 2 sc, sc in final stitch.

Ch 1 turn, sc around the ch, fasten off weave in ends.

Sew button to opposite end of collar. Slide collar through back of knot on bow.

All done, quick and easy! Make sure to remove collar if pet is unattended. 😃



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