Getting a jump on Christmas? Primitive style snowflakes.

Alright, so it’s obvious I haven’t posted in awhile. The problem is, and I think I said this before, I can’t recall, that I don’t crochet much in the summer. None the less I have been making things. Too many is the problem and lack the focus to finish them all. I will, I promise, just slowly….
Anyway. I love homemade Christmas! The problem is, come the season, you’re just too busy to craft for yourself. So today I decided, who cares if it’s August and 87 degrees outside, I’m making a Christmas decoration!!
Here it is, make them now so they’re ready come December.

Primitive Style Snowflakes:

_**For basic snowflake**_
Sharp scissors
Hot glue
Small pice of cardboard

_**For decorations**_:
Pine pieces ( I suggest fake, otherwise they will dry up and die on you )
Red berries
Whatever you want!!


1. Start by cutting or breaking four longer sticks to the same size.

*****use your scissors to remove any “bumpies”. This will give it a cleaner look. However, I’m not concerned with perfection, these are rustic after all!**


2. Now cut four more sticks slightly shorter and place in a snowflake pattern:


3. If you’re happy with the size ( if not, either cut them smaller or start again with longer ones ) you can choose to add small details.


* I did this by cutting thinner sticks at a slight angle. This is not necessary. This is your snowflake and each one will be different. Kind of like the real thing!


4. Cut your cardboard to fit just over the center.


5. Place your cardboard on a flat surface. Start by applying hot glue to the tip of one larger piece. Place on cardboard. Repeat with all larger pieces.


6. Once you have the four larger pieces down, you can apply the hot glue directly where the smaller pieces go. Glue all snowflake pieces to the cardboard.


7. At this point I like to “fill in the gaps”. By the I mean I apply extra glue between the stick joints. It just makes it a bit more secure.


**you can see the extra glue filling in the spaces.
If you’re adding the extra details, do it now.

Now the fun part, decorating!!
I used a vintage bulb, some green ribbon, a piece of my wreath, and some holly berries.


I just rummaged around the house to see what I had on hand. This little project cost $0!!! My favorite amount. 😃

Have fun, make different sizes and decorate your whole house!