Making things pretty ( and I’m such a slacker! )

Ugh! It’s so hot here lately. No I’m sorry, hot isnt the right word, humid is what we get. You go outside and it it feels like you’re swimming!! It makes me so lazy, I don’t want to crochet, let alone even move.
However, at the same time, I feel like I need to do something. So I decided on the least amount of work possible in a crafty project and dyed some old lace curtains. I used food coloring and coffee, because let’s be honest if I don’t have to leave my air conditioner, I’m not going to!! Plus I like the old faded out colors.

All I did was add a bit of food coloring to water for two and then strong brewed coffee for the third. Pre wet the curtains and let them soak as long as you like.


I didn’t rinse them, my use for them is to place under my plants so I’m not concerned with washing at any point. I reccomend letting them dry, then rinsing in the sink before washing. Doing it in this order will give them a chance to really “stain” the fabric.


Look how pretty they look hanging out!!

Thats yellow on the left, red/blue combo in the center and coffee to the right. I have a pile more sitting in a bin, looks like I’ll be doing a bit more dyeing in the future.


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