Wes Anderson is my hero!

i frickin love Wes Anderson movies. I used to happily sit alone on the couch and just get lost in them. But then, one glorious day last week my offspring casually mentioned she wanted to see Moonrise Kingdom ( I swear I heard angels singing! ). That evening we promptly sat down, popped it in and she fell in love. The following evening it was The Darjeeling Limited to the same applause!! My parenting leveled up that week, so proud!! She wasn’t as impressed with Grand Budapest, however the mister loves it. Only a few more to introduce them to and my life’s work has been accomplished.
So of course, having an epic marathon always leads to the same conclusion in my mind……I MUST CROCHET THAT!! And I did. One from each movie. Offspring insists that Sam needs Suzy ( before she steals him away )so she’s currently on the hook. My goal was to keep them simplistic, just enough to show who they were. Hopefully I’ve accomplished my goals. I also had plans to name this post something clever, but let’s be honest, I’m tired and the brain is off for the night! Ok, about to get photo heavy, but here they are:

imageimage image image image image


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