Up-cycle Journals 

I tend to come up with a lot of my crochet ideas as I lie in bed. I said to my mister a few nights ago that I should keep a notebook or journal next to the bed, he agreed, and the next day I set about finding one in my house. I knew we had one somewhere, I live with an artist for goodness sake, there had to be an unused book lying around! Well, turns out we had a ton, all used to some degree or another…. “mom, you live with two people who draw and paint all the time. Of course we’ve used them all.” Silly me….   Not wanting to spend any money ( surprise! ) or give up, I dove head first into the teenagers closet. Brave or stupid, your choice, it was worth it! I found one!! She completely forgot about it, must have been a gift YEARS ago and gave me the go ahead to “do what you do” as she turned up the music and dipped her brush into a pile of paint. ( I don’t get painters… ) So here we go, how to turn a boring old notebook/journal into something pretty!

Up cycled Journal:

* Old journal ( as you can see, this started as a Twilight abomination! )

* Some fabric

* Scissors

* Glue

* Pencil

* Iron ( optional )

Step one: place journal open on the backside of fabric about 1 1/2 inches from bottom. Fold over the front cover:  

Step two: shut the front cover and measure about 1 1/2 inch on the side of the shut book, and the same at the top. Cut out the square:

Step three: fold down the top and bottom to fit the length of your book. This is where the iron can come in, ironing them will help keep them folded neatly, but is not necessary.  

Step four: we are working on the back now. Spread a small amount of glue on the back cover and inside edge of back cover: ( not too much glue or it gets gooey! )

Step five: fold the back cover edge over pushing firmly onto the glue:  

Step six: repeat step four on the front:

Step seven: fold the front edge over as you shut the book. If you try to glue in place and then shut, it will be too tight. Make any adjustments to cover placement while the glue is still wet. Place something heavy on top and let dry. 

So much better looking now! And because she loves me, my daughter has allowed me to use a few pages of her journal for examples/ideas for you! She uses hers as a combination journal, sketchbook, scrap/smash book.



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