Replanting succulents, up cycled plant holder!

Some days I just don’t wanna crochet! 😫 horrible, I know, but when it gets sticky hot I don’t really want to be sitting on furniture with a skein of yarn in my lap. Today its sticky, damp, rainy, just not feeling any motivation at all!! I do feel like I need to be productive though so I found a simple little project that only took an hour or so.

I love myself some succulents, they’re gorgeous and easy to maintain. For Mother’s Day the mister got me THREE new ones, all were planted happily with the others and we’re doing great! A few days ago I noticed my little lotus was being suffocated by his “roommate”. That would just not do!! So I quickly made him a deluxe apartment in the sky!😃

I used a mason jar, doily, and some yarn. Channel your inner high schooler and make some “ropes” for hanging. I just went with the round friendship bracelets we all used to make! Ran a strand of yarn through the top of the doily and cinched it around the jar. Securely tied on my ropes, planted the succulent and viola! Upcycled and pretty: 

  Now if the sun would come out we’d be good to go!!


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