Car shows and crochet

So I spent this past Saturday at a local car show with my cousin. He was showing his 1963 Falcon. While I love all things vintage ( cars included ) there’s only so much sitting one can do and walking through the cars loses interest quickly. What’s one to do?? Bring yarn and hooks of course!

Look at his pretty! 😀

Being a car show, I decided a keychain was in order. And being on a Studio Ghibli kick, it was only logical that I make a Chuu Totoro for said keychain. So I sat on the ground and whipped him up in about an hour.  


Ahhh, he’s so cute, I love him!! ( ugh, please disregard my beat/dirty car, thank you )

Stay tuned, his pattern as well as Chibi Totoro are coming soon!


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