Make a Stick Star, pretty up your front door ( how- to)

My front door had been bothering me recently, far to bland. To spruce it up, I went for a quick walk through my yard. 

I have decided to do this outside. One, it’s gorgeous out and two, they are sandy and have loose bark on them that’s falling off as I work. 

All you need is a pile of branches/sticks, some string and scissors. 

I don’t have anymore hemp (remember that basket, it pretty much ate it all up) and was determined not to spend any money on this, so I used embroidery floss and some strands of jute I had laying around.

First step, break or cut all the sticks the same size. I used 10 total so the star would be a bit more substantial looking. 

Next, pair up your sets. Being natural materials, some have bends to them and you’ll want to match up shape as best as possible.  Then I used brown embroidery floss to tie the ends together, you’ll have five little bundles.

I swear there are five my picture just cut one group out! 😆

Now, simply place the groups in star formation and tie them together. I wrapped each joining point a few times to make sure it holds tight.  Then I used my “pretty” jute cord and wrapped around the floss to make it look better.

Hang, rinse the dirt off your hands and enjoy!



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