Fishing and crafting

Spring has finally decided to grace us with its presence!! Which of course means fishing season has started. I’m not a “fisherman” but my mister is big time. He loves to just sit on the side of a river and catch and release, he could do it all day. Because I love that man, I do try to go with him, which means hours of open craft time!!  


I don’t like to bring my crochet, it’s a little difficult to keep yarn clean while sitting on the ground in the woods, so last year I started this project. It’s an old grocery store basket that I’m simply weaving hemp onto to. Had the basket, had the hemp ( throwback to my high school days I swear ) and had the time. Easy to transport around the woods and easy to start/stop in random places. It’s rather relaxing in my opinion. I don’t think, just weave and listen to the water as he fishes a few feet away.

I’m thinking ( no, I’m going to ) make him draw on the blank square to gussy it up some more and then line the bottom with those rubber cabinets liners. It’s going to be perfect for farmers markets, flea markets, and tag sales! Just going to pop it in my car and leave it there, matches my little red Volkswagen perfectly!!

Here’s what the sides look like finished and the front is almost done 😃 


And here’s the reason I’m sitting in the middle of the woods next to a river: 


Love that guy! 😍

So ladies, if you’re looking for something to keep you busy while “hanging” out together, I say give it a try.


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