Handmade washcloths ( free pattern )

For some strange reason we can not seem to keep washcloths?? They must run off with the socks, it’s the only thing that makes sense! Anyway, I’m constantly rummaging through cabinets and closets trying to find one and feel as though we have dropped a small fortune buying them over and over…..

So, in another moment of where the ?!?@ did they all go, I decided to just make a few. These are very basic, work up quickly, and hold onto soap suds nicely! What more could you ask for.


  • cotton yarn any color ( acrylic will not work here, must be cotton )
  • H – hook
  • Yarn needle

Ch 31

  1. Starting in 2nd ch from hk, hdc across – 30
  2. ch 1, turn, hdc in back loops only – 30

Repeat row 2 for 30 rows total.
Fasten Off, weave in all ends.

See, super easy!! I love the ridges for gentle scrubbing and the slight dips hold soap bubbles well. 

P.s. For those wondering, that black bar is African Black Soap. For anyone with a teenager or problematic skin of your own, you need to run out and buy yourself a bar. It cleared up my daughters skin and keeps mine so SUPER soft!! 


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