Progress makes everything worth while….. ( a WIP )

I’m sorry to say that I have no new patterns for you today. My life has completely revolved around my current project.  It’s one of those “this is going to be great! What was I thinking?! Wait, it’s totally working!” types of projects.

It actually started weeks ago. Small, simple, quick enough. And then….. Well I got this brilliant idea at 1:00 a.m. ( yes I know, ideas at one in the morning are very rarely brilliant ). I woke up the next morning still on the “Yes!” high and ran off to the craft store to buy supplies. 

Let’s now fast forward about three weeks. After very many hours of questioning my judgement and sanity level, it has finally shown itself. I’m pleased as punch, it’s working the way it did in my mind!! 

I’m patterning out the entire thing ( which is not helping the time it’s taking ) and will be including it in group or set of patterns for sale. Not much longer, I can see the finish line, getting ready for detail work!

But for now, a sneak peek: 


Estimating height is just over a foot tall, once it’s done, I’ll actually take a ruler to it.


Itty Bitty Bunnies ( free pattern )

Easters on its way, and that means big family meals, chocolate, and bunnies!! In honor of the bunnies ( can you tell I love the Easter bunny?! ) I’ve written out a quick little guy that will take no time to whip up.  Put him in a basket or make a bunch and use them for place settings! Either way, they’re so little and cute!!


F – hook

Worsted weight yarn ( any color )
Embroidery floss
Poly fil stuffing
Yarn needle

Small piece of white felt


ch – chain
sc – single crochet
inc – increase

dec – decrease

Legs: make two

Starting with a magic circle

  1. sc 7 in magic circle – 7
  2. sc around – 7
  3. sc around – 7

F/O, weave in ends.


-Connect the two legs with a single crochet
-continue crocheting around both legs – 13

  1. sc 6, inc, sc 6 – 14
  2. sc around – 14
  3. sc around – 14
  4. sc 6, dec, sc 6 – 13
  5. sc 5, dec, sc 6 – 12

Stuff, dec 6, sew shut, weave in ends.

Arms: make two

Starting with magic circle

  1. sc 5 in magic circle – 5
  2. sc around – 5
  3. sc around – 5
  4. sc around – 5

F/O, leave tail for sewing. Do not stuff.


Starting with a magic circle

  1. sc 6 in magic circle – 6
  2. 2sc in each st around – 12
  3. ( sc, inc )6x – 15
  4. sc around – 15
  5. sc around – 15
  6. ( sc, dec )6x – 12

dec 6x, F/O, leave tail for sewing

Ears: make two

Starting with a magic circle:

  1. 4sc in magic circle – 4
  2. 2sc in each st around – 8
  3. sc around – 8
  4. dec 4 – 4
  5. sc around – 4
  6. sc around – 4
  7. sc around – 4

F/O, leave tail for sewing


Using white felt, cut small circle for muzzle.
Embroider on nose.

Embroider on eyes.

Bow: optional

Ch 4

  1. Starting in second ch from hk, sc across – 3

F/O, weave in ends

Wrap a piece of yarn tightly around center, tie tightly.


  • Sew head onto body.
  • Sew arms onto body.
  • Sew ears onto head.

Brush that yarn! (seriously, do it)

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I love saving money and using up items I already have.  Another little tidbit, I loathe working with fuzzy yarn. Sometimes though, you really want that fuzzy/soft look and I have found the solution!

This is super easy and only takes a few extra minutes. I recommend making each separate piece first, then brush, and finally sew together.

Here’s what you need:

  1. A metal comb or brush, I used my cat brush ( because there’s no way I’m allowed to use it on the cats! )

2. A finished piece of work:

3. Simply brush it! It’s that easy. Just watch your fingers, those metal prongs can hurt!! The longer you brush, the fuzzier it becomes:

Imagine the possibilities, it can easily turn a simple item into something a bit more special.


Soften that yarn, save yourself some dollars 😄

I originally started as a crocheter making Amigurumi.  Due to that, I have a ridiculous plethora of Red Heart Super Saver kicking around.

Everyone knows cost wise Red Heart won’t let you down however if you’re after soft and cuddly you’re better off steering clear and paying that little bit extra.  But, if you need a lot of yarn for a project, that “little bit” extra can quickly become a lot extra! So in the spirit of saving money and using up what’s on hand, I’ve set up a step by step on how to make that scratchy super saver much nicer to touch.

I have one disclaimer here: Do not attempt this unless you own a washing machine or the patience level of a saint. I have neither…..good times.

What you need:

  • Hair conditioner ( any brand you have on hand is fine )
  • Finished project ( I highly recommend making your blanket, hat,scarf, whatever first)
  • Washing machine or patience of a saint

I ended up with this conditioner in a holiday pack, I don’t actually use conditioner so my yarn gets some fancy treatment! You don’t have to use anything super expensive, the results are the same.

First, lightly wet your piece. I used a bowl, filled it up, dunked in my scarf, and dumped the water out immediately. You don’t want it dripping wet.

I then give it a quick roll to squeeze out any extra water. 

Now the fun, squeeze some conditioner into your hand and gently rub it into the yarn.  You don’t want to overly agitate the yarn, I used small circular motions. This is what my scarf looked like “conditioned”.

You can see a slight white tinge to the colors.

Let sit for 1 – 2 hours.

Rinse time! If you have a machine ( whatever, stop bragging ) put the piece in on the gentlest RINSE ONLY cycle. For those of you who fit into the “cool” club of having to this by hand, I found using the tub the easiest. Hold it directly under the tap for maximum water penetration.

Make sure you have rinsed out all conditioner. Use the drying time wisely, block now if you need to! 

The results, much softer almost silky feeling yarn. The best part, everytime you wash the piece from this point on, the softer it becomes. 😃