Carousel Infinity Scarf

I officially finished this up last night, and the timing couldn’t have been better. We had a night of -15 degrees and the bus stop was NOT fun this morning! Winter just doesn’t seem to want to let go this year. Anyway….

This lovely is a bit time consuming as its done with single crochets, I assume it wouldn’t take as long if you dedicate your time to it as opposed to working one or two rows a day and then picking something else up! The mister named it, (alright, let’s be honest, he names everything for me) he said it reminds him of old time carnivals and “carousels go round and round”. Clever boy!

So here it is, the Carousel Infinity:


  • H- hook
  • A collection of yarn, I used worsted weight
  • Yarn hook


Ch – chain
sc – single crochet
dec – decrease
skp st – skip stitch


-There is no rhyme or reason to the color scheme. Change colors whenever you choose by chaining with the new color at the beginning of the row.
– I chose my colors, placed them all in a basket and then would pull blindly. It’s more fun this way, you have no idea what the finished product will look like!
– The scarf pictured has around 210 rows.

H – hook
Ch 32
1. Starting in 2nd ch from hk:
*sc 4, 3sc in next st, sc 4, skp next 2 st* repeat across
2. ch 1, turn, skp 1st st:
( sc 4, 3sc in next st, sc 4, skp next 2 st )2x, sc 4, 3sc in next st, sc 3,
sc last 2 sts together)
– Repeat row #2 until desired length.

– when you have reached your desired length, weave in those pesky ends, and then sew the two ends together.

Super easy and endless possibilities by changing colors!


Wips and weaving in ends.

I feel as though I haven’t posted in a while. Forgive me, I have a couple of hooks going at once right now as well as my brain insisting on starting something new…. That’s how my thinking works, instead of focusing on what I’m currently doing, I’m working out the logistics and patterns of something else. I’m sure you’re all the same, let’s unite in our scatterbrained ways!! Not to mention one particular project requires quite a bit of end weaving…..I loathe weaving in ends!

Ugh!! Look at that…..
Sneak peak time!

Here’s that bloodly loose ended monster. I had a ton of random small balls of leftover yarn and felt the need to use them. This project moved a bit slower than I liked, but in order to get the look I was going for, it unfortunately had to be done in single crochet. The pattern is finally complete, however I’m not ready to post it. Being a stash buster I used worsted weight, which we all know is not the softest thing around. I have a couple of tricks up my sleeve to make it all sorts of snuggly and ( if it works 😁) will be posting that tutorial as well!
And then there’s this guy:

My darling mister is a tattoo artist/artist and always has these random ideas floating around in his head ( it’s like we were made for each other 😊). He couldn’t seem to shake a character and decided he needed to do something with him. What, I don’t know exactly, all I know is I was given a drawing and asked to make him. He’s already standing at a foot tall and his head isn’t even done. Mister seems pleased with his progress so I guess I’m getting his shape and over sized appendages right!
So that’s what’s going on, I also have another Doctor Who character rattling around, he’ll probably be next!
Thanks for reading!
P.s. Like the featured image pic, it has nothing to do with this post except this is why I’ve been hiding in my house for months. Have I mentioned before how much I hate winter?!

Recycled Candles ( how to )

If you’re anything like me, you love burning candles. And if you’re still like me, it causes you physical pain to shell out mad dollars for expensive candles while you sit at home staring at all the wasted left over wax said candles leave behind.
I have decided enough was enough, I’ve taken to buying candles at the local goodwill ( $2.00 for a large pillar? Why yes, yes I will buy that ) and that this leftover wax needs to be re-used!
Here’s how I recycle my candle wax for the price of wicks at Michaels. Which I will say, they cost about $4.00 for a pack of six, and you can use the online coupons for 40 – 50% off which makes it ridiculously affordable!
Recycled Candles


* Left over wax
* Candle wicks
* Soup can or an equivalent ( just wash one out the next time you make soup or open a can of vegetables/dog food )
* Medium pot
* Clean and dry glass container ( I used a destroyed vintage pyrex dish )
* A stirring device ( I use an old chopstick )
* Thin dowel to support wicks
* Essential oil, optional

– Start by filling your pot with 2 – 3 inches of water and turning your heat just below medium.
– place a small bit of wax into the can and place the can in the center of the pot.
– let the wax melt slowly, once it is melted pour about 1/4 inch into your container:

– place your wicks into the wax:

– while the wicks cool down, add more wax to the can and let the water simmer allowing the wax to melt slowly. Stir periodically to make sure all wax has melted and you do not have chunks floating in the bottom.
– slowly add more wax bits to the melting wax, you want enough in your can to fill your container at once, otherwise your candle will be layered. ( which could be real pretty if you have different colors and a clear container! ):

– if you are adding essential oil, add a few drops in when your wax has melted.
– SLOWLY pour the wax into the container ( I like to hold the bottom of the can with a towel, it does not get hot, this just prevents water from dripping into the candle. You will notice your wicks droop, what’s happening is the wax coating is melting, I simply bend the top over a dowel and it holds it standing upright while the candle dries:

– let cool. Be patient during the cooling process, the warmer the climate the longer it takes.
– once cool, you may find a “dip” in your candle:

The color here is a mess, I used a mix of leftover pieces which resulted in a “not so pretty” result. Have no fear, it’s about to become pretty!
– melt more wax, fill in the center crevice to even the top out:

– you can see in the photo, the darker center was the “dip”. I filled it, waiting about 30sec and then gently swirled the container to even it out.
– once completely cooled, trim wicks enjoy!


Sacré Bleu an infinity scarf ( free pattern )

I’m sitting on my couch writing this up after just finishing the scarf. The name holds multiple meanings in my home right now.
1. The scarf is blue. Blue is my favorite color and sacré Bleu literally translates to ” sacred blue”
2. It’s “rumored” usage as an exclamation of outrage or surprise. ( Google informs me the French do not actually say this ) and as we sit here yet ANOTHER snow storm rolls in. Can’t. Handle. More. Snow.
3. I long for the spring, blue skies, warmth, flowers.
So, this scarf was made as an optimistic hope spring is on its way. It’s very light and airy, won’t be too heavy during the day and it will help keep you warm once the sun goes down.

I swear it’s blue, poor lighting in my house…

* Lions Brand Homespun, it took about 3/4 of one skein
* I hook
* Yarn needle

* Ch – chain
* sc – single crochet
* skp st – skip stitch

Notes about this pattern:

– I find this to be a very “loose” pattern. All you have to do is get the first two rows right and the rest just “fall” into place.
– There is no real need to keep track of what your doing once you get into “the groove” you’ll notice your mind wandering on its own as your scarf grows!
– The rows should have 7 full diamonds ( not counting the half ones on the ends).

Ch 24
1. sc in 2nd ch from hk
*ch 5, skp 3 sts, sc in next st* repeat across
2. Ch 6, turn, sc into the 3rd ch of ch 5 from row 1 or “arch”
*ch 5, sc Into 3rd ch of arch* repeat across
ch 6, sc into last st of row
3 – ? Repeat rows 1& 2 for desired length, mine has 82 rows total.
Final Row:
– ch 3, turn, sc into 3rd ch of first arch
( ch 2, sc into 3rd ch of next arch ) repeat across
at last arch join, ch 2, tr into last st of row.
* leave attached for joining scarf together

Joing scarf:
– gently stretch out out scarf width wise. ( you can block right now if you want, I don’t feel it’s necessary due to the way the scarf is worn )
– lay flat with ends lined up, twist one half to make “infinity symbol”

– once you have your twist, use your foundation row and final row, slip stitch the two halves together.
F/O weave in ends, enjoy your snuggly creation!

Here are some photos to help with your stitch placement:

Where to place the sc in each “arch”:
Don’t fret over finding the exact 3rd ch, eyeball the center of the ch and you’ll be fine 😀

How to end a row:
The first thing you may notice is how it seems uneven to the edge, this is ok.

Just take your fingers and pull it straight so it lines up nicely with the edge, you will then use the very top st:

– Once you sc into the st, it will line up nicely with the edge, see:

And finally, when turning and beginning a new row, it will “bubble out” looking uneven. Have no fear, it’s ok it’s doing this, it will pull in slightly as you work the row and it will be straightened when you end the row above it.

And there you have it. I consider it relatively forgiving pattern wise. Perfection is not necessary.
Don’t you just love the open weave?! My mister said it looks so delicate and girly 😄!


Teddy Bear taxidermy

My offspring LOVES bears! She has claimed they are her spirit animal and she will one day save them all. I say good for her! She is also an extremely caring and conscientious teenager. Worships nature, loves all animals, strict vegetarian ( got that one from me ) and will tear up whenever she sees any form of taxidermy.
On the flip side, she has a wonderfully twisted sense of humor that I love to encourage! So, in that spirit I made her a taxidermy teddy bear head, and just to make it that much cuter, she’s rocking a flower crown. Fits right into the bedroom now!!

It’s much larger than it looks in the photo. Ate up a ton of stuffing, but so worth it!!

Foxes in Love ( free pattern )

So I ended up making another Valentine themed Amigurumi. They started out of pure laziness, I’m just being honest here, I had the Orange and cream downstairs and didn’t want to walk upstairs to get different yarn! But I fell in love with him and decided he needed a girlfriend, I mean who was he supposed to give his balloons to?!
They were officially finished last night and this morning I looked out my bedroom window and saw a fox walking across the frozen pond out back! Perfection! I took it as a sign so here’s the pattern so you can make your own little couple.


* G – hook ( I used a F-hook to make the girl )
* Worsted weight yarn in choice of colors ( I suggest three different colors )
* Poly fill stuffing
* Yarn needle
* Safety eyes and safety nose ( optional )


* ch – chain
* hk – hook
* st – stitch
* sc – single crochet
* inc – increase ( 2 sc in same st )
* dec – decrease ( dc two st together )
* bl – back loops only
* F/O – fasten off

Starting in white
Ch 2
1. 6sc in second ch from hk – 6
2. 2sc in each st around – 12
3. sc around in bl only – 12
4. sc around – 12
5. *in Orange: ( sc 4 ), *in White: ( sc 8 ) – 12
6. *in Orange: ( sc, inc )2x, *in White: ( sc, inc )4x – 18
7. *in Orange: ( sc 6 ), *in White: ( sc 11 ) – 18 (you’ll stop one st before row ends, it is counted in the next row)
– If using a safety nose, attach now –
8. *in Orange: ( sc 8 ), *in White: ( sc 10 ) – 18
9. *in Orange: ( sc 2, inc, sc 2, inc, sc 2 ), *in White: inc, ( sc 2, inc )3x – 24
10. *in Orange: ( sc 3, inc )2x, sc 3, *in White: inc, ( sc 3, inc )3x – 30
11. *in Orange: ( sc 13 ), *in White: ( sc 17 ) – 30
12 – 14. Repeat row #11 – 30
15. *in Orange: ( sc 4, dec )2x, sc 1, *in White: sc 3, dec ( sc 4, dec )2x – 25
16. *in Orange: ( sc 3, dec )2x, sc 1, *in White: sc 2, dec, ( sc 3, dec )2x – 20
– If using safety eyes, attach now, begin stuffing –
17. *in Orange: ( sc 2, dec )2x, sc 1 *in White: sc 1, dec, ( sc 2, dec )2x – 15
18. *Use only orange* (sc, dec )5x – 10
19. Dec 6, F/O weave in ends.

Eyebrows: ( make two )
1. ch 4
2. starting in 2nd ch from hk, slp st across.
F/O, leave long tail, sew above eyes.

Ears: ( make two )
Ch 2
1. 7sc in 2nd ch from hk – 7
2. sc around – 7
3. 2sc in each st around – 14
4 – 8. dc around – 14 each row
F/O, leave long tail for sewing.

Feet/Legs: (make two)
Starting with black
Ch 2
1. 6sc in second ch from hk – 6
2. 2sc in each st around – 12
3. ( sc, inc )6x – 18
4 – 6. sc around – 18 each row
7. dec, sc, dec, sc 13 – 16
8. dec 3, sc 10 – 12
9 – 11. sc around – 12 each row
– switch to Orange –
*i did row #12 by switching color on every stitch, you do not have to do this.
12 – 15. sc around – 12 each row
F/O, weave in ends

-stuff both feet.
-line up legs, insert hk from the inside of right foot through to the left:

-yarn over hk, pull through both legs, yarn over hk, pull through loops on hk:

-sc into next three st on both legs, the legs are now connected. Continue in the next st on left leg, sc around both legs. You should have 22 sts.

1. ( sc 10, inc )2x – 24
2. ( sc 3, inc )6x – 30
3. sc around – 30
4 – 12. sc around – 30 each row
13. ( sc 4, dec )5x – 25
14. sc around – 25
15. ( sc 3, dec )5x – 20
16. sc around – 20
17. ( sc 2, dec )5x – 15
F/O leave long tail for sewing

Ch 6
1. Starting in 2nd ch from hk, sc across – 5
2. ch 1, turn, inc, sc 3, inc – 7
3. ch 1, turn, sc 3, inc, sc 3 – 8
4. ch 1, turn, inc, sc 6, inc – 10
5. ch 1, turn, sc across – 10
6 – 8. Repeat row #5 – 10 each row
9. ch 1, turn, sc 4, dec, sc 4 – 9
10. ch 1, turn, dec, sc 5, dec – 7
11. ch 1, turn, sc across – 7
12. ch 1, turn, dec, sc 3, dec – 5
13. ch 1, turn, sc across – 5
14. ch 1, turn, dec, sc 1, dec – 3
F/O leave long tail, sew onto body.

Arms: make two
Ch 2
1. 5sc in 2nd ch from hk – 5
2. 2sc in each st around – 10
3 – 5. sc around – 10 each row
6. dec 2, sc 6 – 8
7 – 16. sc around – 8 each row
17. ( sc, dec )3x – 5
F/O leave long tail, sew shut, sew onto body.

Starting in White
Ch 2
1. 6sc in second ch from hk – 6
2 . sc around – 6 each row
3. 2sc in each st around – 12
4. – 5. sc around – 12 each row
– Switch to black –
6. sc around – 12 each row
– switch to Orange –
7 – 8. sc around – 12 each row
9. dec, sc 4, inc, sc 5 – 12
10 – 15. Repeat row # 9 – 12 each row
16 – 17. sc around – 12
18. sc 8, dec, sc 2 – 11
19. sc around – 11
20. sc 4, dec, sc 4, dec – 9
21 – 22. sc around – 9
F/O, leave long tail.- stuff firmly, leaving last 3 rows unstuffed, sew onto body, last 3 rows flat.

Boy necktie:
Ch 9
1. starting in 2nd ch from hk, sc across – 8
2 – 4. ch 1 turn, sc across – 8 each row
F/O, wrap yarn around middle to cinch, toe around neck

Girl ear piece:
Ch 8
1. Starting in 2nd ch from hk, sc 6, 3sc in last ch
2. continuing around bottom of ch, sc 7
3. 3sc in next st, sc 7
F/O, wrap yarn around middle to cinch, tie to ear.