Invisible color changing ( tutorial )

I do a lot of color changing in my crochet projects, and nothing bothers me more than that jagged row where you can see the color switch. Particularly when you’re working in stripes…ugh!!
But worry no more, here’s how to avoid it and have perfect fluid switches without having to fasten off everytime!

Alright, here we go!
This is a hat pattern I’m working on for you all and I’m about to change colors.


– First, pull the hook out of the loop, and insert into the next stitch, front to back:


– Now slide the hook back through the original loop:


– Ok, color change time. Take your new color and yarn over the hook:


– Pull through both the loop and stitch:


– Yarn over the hook and pull through:


And there you have it. A perfectly smooth color change.
I’ll be posting a bobble stitch how to soon as well.
Following that a new hat pattern that requires both color changing and bobble stitches! Stay tuned and practice your color changes.


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