Another post of geekery

This one is not mine, I swear! My offspring loves anime and manga, particularly Deathnote. She requested I make her “L” a character from it. So of course I put down what I was working on and got to work. He took about a week, trying to work out jointed legs and arms ( I got them, but damn they were troublesome ). So here he is, L from Deathnote:

Finished him last night, she saw him first thing this morning sitting on the t.v. stand. Based off the smile and “squee” I’d say she approves. 😃


Where are my “Whovians” at?!

I fell. Deeply and madly in love. So hard it hurts. We’ve all been there I’m sure. And if you haven’t, you have so much to look forward to…
Unfortunately I’m referring to the magic of a special little show called Doctor Who. For those of you who know, I’m so happy to meet you, for those of you who don’t, STOP JUDGING ME!!
Being a crocheter obsessed with a t.v. show can only mean one thing: Amigurumi!!

Here are my little loves. At some point I’m sure I’ll be adding more characters.
And because I’m nice like that, for the non watchers from left to right:
-the Ood
– Adipose
– Weeping Angel
That’s it, I’m telling you anything about them, you’ll have to watch it to learn more. ( this is how we hook new people 😉 )

Quick and Easy cat toys ( free pattern )

For years we had one cat. An older, gentle little lady who didn’t do much but sleep all day and ask for some pets. And then one evening a few months ago my mister texts me from work to say he’s bringing home a surprise. Well surprise it was when he walked in the door:

He has grown, both in body and insanity! We were not ready for crazy kitten hood thats for sure, our house had no toys to keep him occupied. So I pulled out my yarn and made him a few things. Turns out he loved them, so much I thought I would share the patterns with you.

Cat Toys:


* Yarn – any color/weight you have
* Hook – drop the hook size by two based off your yarn ( for example of the yarn states a H hook, use a F. You want as little space as possible between stitches.
* Poly fill stuffing
* Bells, catnip, plastic shopping bags ( all optional )

I used worsted weight yarn and a F-hook for these.


Ch 2
1. 5sc in 2nd ch from hk – 5
2. 2sc in each st around – 10
3. ( sc, inc )5x – 15
4 – 8. sc around – 15 each row
9. ( sc, dec )5x – 10
10 – 11. sc around – 10 each row
– begin stuffing with whatever you choose –
12. dec 5 – 5
13. 2sc in each st around – 10
14. 2sc in each st around – 20
F/O, sew tail shut flat
Sew on eyes if you’d like.


Ch 2
1. 6sc in 2nd ch from hk – 6
2. sc in each st around – 6
3. 2sc in each st around – 12
4 – 5. sc around – 12 each row
6. ( sc, inc )6x – 18
7 – 9. sc around – 18
– begin stuffing –
10. ( sc, dec )6x – 12
11. dec 7
F/O sew shut

Ch 2
1. 4dc in 2nd ch from hk
F/O, leave long tail, sew onto head.

Ch 10
– starting in 2nd ch from hk, 2sc in each st across
F/O, sew onto body

Or, you know, you can save yourself the work and just let them have the yarn….


Hate the cold, love the snuggles!

There are so many reasons I can not stand the winter. The cold, the snow, the grey, the cold, lack of leaves on trees, the ice, and most importantly, let’s not forget the cold!!
When the sun goes down at 4:30 p.m. and the wind is howling, there is nothing better than snuggling up with a cozy blanket. Obviously there is no better blanket than a homemade one, but I didn’t need to tell you that.
Here is a pile of my homemade favorites:

The top two I made for my daughter, the bottom one is a ripple made from yarn scraps and the black and white is by far my favorite! It was done in tapestry style, was time consuming and so worth it.

That’s all for now, sorry no patterns this week. Hang in there, working some things out for you fine folks, my scattered brain is trying to do too many things at once again!!
See you soon, until then, stay warm.

Palm Sized Pachyderms ( free pattern )

Elephants are one of my favorite animals. Something about them turns me to mush! Because I love them so, I made some for Valentine’s Day.


* F – hook
* Worsted weight yarn, any color
* Small amount of black yarn or embroidery floss for eyes
* Yarn needle


* sc – single crochet
* hk – hook
* st – stitch
* FL – front loops
* dec – decrease
* inc – increase ( 2 sc in the same st )


1. ch 2
2. sc 6 in the second ch from hk – 6
3 – 6. sc in each st around – 6 ( each row )
7. 2sc in FL of each st – 12
8. ( sc, inc )6x in both loops – 18
9. ( sc 2, inc )6x – 24
10 – 11. sc around – 24 ( each row )
12. ( sc, dec )6x – 18
13. sc around – 18
14. dec 8 times – 10
– now is the time to add eyes –
– begin stuffing –
15. inc around in FL only – 20
16 – 20. sc around – 20 ( each row )
21. ( sc 3, dec )4x – 16
– continue stuffing –
22. ( sc 2, dec ) 4x – 12
23. dec 6, leave long tail, sew shut.

Feet: make four

1. ch 2
2. sc 6 in the second ch from hk – 6
3 – 6. sc around – 6 each row
F/O, leave long tail, sew onto body

Ears: make two:

1. ch 2
2. sc 3 in second ch from hk, ch1, turn – 3
3. 2sc in each st across, ch 1, turn – 6
4. ( sc, inc )3x – 9
5. ( sc 2, inc ) 3x – 12
F/O leave long tail for sewing
Sew onto body along the “neck” line.

For the tail, I simply braided three pieces of yarn together.


Heart Appliqués

Here are some quick and easy hearts, just in time to whip up some homemade valentines decorations.
I’ve written up three sizes to make. Use them for whatever you’d like, the possibilities are endless! 😄

There is no set hook or yarn size, play around with them and see what you get. I used worsted weight yarn as well as a G- hook and F- hook.
All the hearts start with a magic ring, there is a tutorial in a previous post if you need it.

Baby Hearts:


Start by making a magic ring:

1. 3 tr, 4 dc, tr, 4 dc, 3 tr : into the magic ring
2. pull the ring closed, ch 2 and slp st into hole.
Make sure you’ve pulled your magic ring tight or you will have a hole in the center.

**if making a medium or large heart, do not fasten off, continue below.
Otherwise, fasten off and weave in ends.

Medium Hearts


3. sc , 2 hdc in next st,
3 hdc in next, 2 hdc in next,
hdc 1 in next 3 sts, ( hdc, dc, hdc) in next st,
2 hdc in next st, hdc 1 in next 3 sts,
2 hdc in next, 3 hdc in next,
2 hdc in next , ch 2, slp st into center.

**if making large heart, do not fasten off, continue below.
Otherwise, fasten off and weave in ends.

Large Hearts:


4. sc in next 2 sts, hdc 2 in next 2 sts,
hdc 1 in next 3 sts, hdc 2 in next st,
hdc 1 in next 5 sts, ( hdc, dc, hdc )in next st,
hdc 1 in next 5 sts, hdc 2 in next st,
hdc 1 in next 3 sts, hdc 2 in next 2 sts , hdc, sc slp st.
Fasten off, weave in ends.

I find them highly addictive to make, be careful hearts will start taking over your house!!

Valentine Crochet ❤️

Valentine’s Day is coming! I whipped up a few small projects for you to make in honor of the day of love.
Three sizes of hearts, can be used for everything and anything. Make a bunting, add to hats, turn into pins or headbands, the possibilities are endless!
Due to valentines being about love, I also made some small elephants, I love elephants!
I’ll be posting the patterns soon!!


How to make a Magic Circle

Magic Circle:

The magic circle is a great little trick to know. It’s perfect for hats and Amigurumi alike, basically anytime you need to crochet in the round and do not want a hole in your piece.
I had struggled trying to learn this stupid thing and must have watched countless YouTube videos and read zillions of blogs ( seriously, zillions )! As with any thing though, I persisted and finally figured it out and am going to show you how. Hopefully this tutorial will be helpful. Once again as with all, it is extremely picture heavy.
Lets begin:

– loosely wrap yarn around your fingers. You want the tail in your palm and working piece behind your hand. The yarn is slightly crossed being held in place by the thumb:


– Insert the hook through the loop behind your fingers. Catch the piece of working yarn with the hook, look at the picture, the hook is on TOP of the yarn, not below it:


– Pull back through the main loop, you will now have a loop on your hook:


– Gently remove your fingers from the main loop and grab the working yarn:


– Yarn over hook and pull through the loop that is on the hook, you should have this knot:


– Ok, now you’re ready to crochet, for this how-to I’m just using single crochet.
Insert the hook through the main loop front to back, yarn over the hook, pull through, you now have two loops. Yarn over the hook again and pull through both loops. You have completed one single crochet on your magic loop:


– Continue single crochets based off pattern you are using.
Be sure to crochet around both the loop and tail.
When you have finished the required number of stitches you are ready to close your loop.
– To do this, you are going to grab hold of the tail and pull tight!


– Tada! A finished magic circle, with no hole in the center:


Keep practicing, the more you try it, the faster and smoother it will be to make.

The Gooseberry Hat ( free pattern )


The Gooseberry:


– This hat is super easy to personalize, change colors whenever you chose, or keep it monochromatic, your choice!
– Make certain to end each row with a slip st into the chain that began it.

I – hook

Medium weight #4 yarn ( I used Loops and Thread Impeccable )


* hdc – half double crochet
* dc – double crochet
* slp st – slip stitch
* inc – increase
* bl – back loops only
* bobble stitch – bo
* dec – decrease

how to bobble:

* yarn over, insert hook through st, yarn over pull through – 3 loops on hook.
* Yarn over, insert hook through same st, yarn over, pull through – 5 loops on hook.
* Yarn over, insert hook through same st, yarn over, pull through – 7 loops on hook.
* yarn over, pull through first 6 loops – 2 loops on hook. Yarn over, pull through remaining 2 loops – 1 loop on hook


ch 10
1. starting in second ch from hk, hdc across, ch 1, turn – 9
* work only in back loops*
2. hdc across, ch 1, turn – 9
3 – 61. Repeat row #2 – 9 each row
– sew two ends together

Head piece:

1. slp st at the sew spot (this will be the back of hat) sc around brim. Mine has 70 sc totaled around brim.
2. hdc in bl around – 70
3. ch 2, dc in bl around – 70
4. ch 1, ( hdc 6, inc )in bl around – 80
5. ch 2, ( dc 7, inc ) in bl around – 90
6. ch 3, ( Bo, ch 1, skp next st ) in bl around – 45 bobbles
7. ch 2, hdc around – 90
8. ch2, dc in bl around – 90
9. ch 3, ( bo, ch1, skp next st ) in bl around – 45 bobbles
10. ch 2, dc around – 90
11. ch 2, hdc in bl around – 90
12. ch 1, sc in bl around – 90
13. ch 1, sc in bl around – 90
14. ch 2, hdc in bl around – 90
15. ch 1, sc in bl around – 90
16. ch 1, sc in bl around – 90
17. ch 3 ( bo, ch 1, skp next st ), in bl around – 45 bobbles
18. ch 2, hdc around – 90
19. ch 2, dc in bl around – 90
20. ch 3, ( bo, ch1, skp next st ) in bl around – 45 bobbles
21. ch 2, hdc around – 90
22. ch 2, ( hdc 7, dec ) in bl around – 80
23. ch 1, ( sc 6, dec ) in bl around – 70


-Do not fasten off, this hat is sealed in a “star” pattern. This is done by pinching the sides together and crocheting them in place. Don’t worry, here are some photos on how it’s done!

-First, lay hat flat. Insert crochet hook from back to front:


– Sc the two together with one stitch, you now have what looks like an “8”:


– Now, with your hook still attached to the center, pull in one side of the “8”, make sure you try to keep your stitch in the center:


-Repeat on the opposite side of the “8”, you will have an “X” shape:


– Continue this process with the four points of the “X”. You’ll notice that you have small openings:


– You can leave as it is, or if it bothers you ( it bothers me! ) leave a long tail when fastening off and sew them shut!
– All done, enjoy your new hat 😄