The Super Slouchy Beanie (free pattern)


Here’s the hat I made to go with the mittens! Again, this is a quick and easy pattern. All you need are basic crochet skills and a few hours.
This hat, like the mittens, was made a little snug on purpose, the more you wear it, the loser and more relaxed it becomes, without losing its fit and becoming overly stretched like most crochet projects.

Super Slouch hat:

Worsted weight yarn, I used red heart super saver solid


* ch – chain
* hk – hook
* slp st – slip stitch
* hdc – half double crochet
* dc – double crochet
* inc – increase (two dc in same stitch)
* dec – decrease (crochet 2 stitches together)
* bl – back loops


* end each row by slip stitching into the top of the first ch
* Starting from row 2, crochet in bl only on every row, unless otherwise noted.

Ch 4
1. dc 12 into 4th ch from hk – 12
2. ch 2, 2dc in each st around – 24
3. ch 2, ( dc, inc ) around – 36
4. ch 2, ( dc 2, inc ) around – 48
5. ch 2, ( dc 3, inc ) around – 60
6. ch2, dc around – 60
7. ch 2, ( dc 4, inc ) around – 72
8. ch 2, dc around – 72
9 – 22. repeat row 8 – 72 (each row)
23. sc 10, dec ) 6x – 66
24. ch 1, hdc around in both loops – 66
25. hdc in bl only around -66

*For rows 25 and on: When crocheting a hdc you will notice it has three loops ( look at the row directly from the top ) make sure you use the furthest one back, this is what gives you the lifted ribbing.


* continue row 25 in bl only around until your brim is as thick as you’d like, mine was done 6 times ( so my hat has a total of 31 rows ), finish off with one row of sc. F/O weave in ends.
* Add a cute little tag if you’d like. I used ribbon I picked up at Michaels, just cut a small piece, fold over the edge and sew into place. Just love the snowflakes!
* The hat may seem slightly snug, remember that crocheted items do stretch.

Now you have a set!!



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