Reasons I should be sleeping and why I’m not ( a.k.a. Pattern writing )

Good evening or morning or possibly afternoon, depends on where in the world you are. Here at my humble abode it’s almost midnight and I’m sitting on the couch growling. Yup, that’s right growling.
You see, I’m tired, but I’m also working out a new pattern. Any crocheter out there knows which one takes priority.
I should go to bed, the offspring needs to be woken up in 6 hours for school, apparently I’m not cool enough to wait at the bus stop with her, but I have to wake her up every morning….. I spent 3 hours today doing yard work, have I mentioned I loathe leaves?? So I’m beat, not cut out for manual labor this one, and I’ve been fighting a pattern for the last 3 hours.
My eyes are burning, my mind keeps wandering, and I’ve taken apart and restarted at least 10 times so far.
I currently hate this project, but I won’t quit. Why you ask? Because I know how cute it will be in the end when I make it work! That or I’m stubborn and refuse to let yarn get the best of me…..
Either way, I’m giving it another 30 minutes or so, the dog keeps glancing over at me wondering what I’m so mad at. Might be a sign to throw in the towel for the evening.
I know one mama who’s hitting that snooze button in the morning.


Completely unrelated photo, but isn’t he cute?! He’s not complaining I’m up late!


One thought on “Reasons I should be sleeping and why I’m not ( a.k.a. Pattern writing )

  1. This made me smile and nod in recognition. I tell people that I’m sleep-deprived because of nocturnal toddler grizzling, but sometimes it’s got more to do with yarn and hooks/needles….
    I hope your pattern works out perfectly.


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