A quick little hello.

As the title suggests, I’m just throwing out a quick hello to you all. In the interest of knowing who you are ( or should be πŸ˜‰ ) following, let me introduce myself.
I live in New England with my Mister. We have one daughter who is currently in the throes of “the epic teenage years”, a 14 yr old Weimaraner, 12 year old little old lady cat, and the spawn of satan himself. Ok maybe he’s not actually the spawn of satan, but spend a day with him and you may start to agree with me. Oh yeah, he’s a 1 1/2 yr. old cat.
I’m obsessed with crochet and love to make things. Mister and I both love vintage, especially Pyrex and mid-century. Weekends will find us at tag sales and flea markets, always on the hunt!
That’s about it. Keep your eyes on this blog for free crochet patterns, links for purchasable ones, and some photos just for viewing pleasure!



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