It’s cold and snowy here…so I made ornaments.

The day before thanksgiving Mother Nature decided we needed a snowstorm. Conveniently it stopped snowing overnight Wednesday, so travel on Thursday was perfectly safe, however the temperature dropped quickly and the snow is pretty much frozen in place.


My street. As pretty as it is, it turns me into a hermit! Today, mister is at work, offspring is off with friends, mom got bored. So, I made ornaments ( more, I know).


I decided to make two completely different options.


The first group are very rustic, smell amazing, and more suited to my style. The second ones are more whimsical I feel and just pretty to look at!
I’ll be posting the how tos in the next couple of days so you can make your favorite or both!
And on a side note/behind the scenes moment. I had decided that they needed to be photographed outside and the closest trees weren’t good enough. So I tromped through the woods, dropped a couple and froze my hands digging through snow…..someone should totally invent something to wear on your hands to keep them warm. 😉


Yup.. Didn’t even get dressed, just slid on my amazingly tacky boots (but oh so warm and waterproof!) and went on a jaunt in the snow!


The Knee Hugger (a pattern for sale)

I’m absolutely in love with the vintage knee hugger elves. Someday I will own one!! My grandmother has quite a few and my goal is to acquire some of hers. She did just give me her pyrex bowls so I’m thinking asking to have her Christmas decorations is not a good idea…. So, in the mean time I have decided to make one. Here he is!!

IMG_0315.JPG After a lot of brainstorming, a smidge of swearing, and a bit of tears ( not really, or maybe…..) his pattern is complete. It is for sale at my Ravelry store ( buy it! ), link in my bio, and I’m working on mastering linking it straight from here for you!!


Aha! here is the link:

<a href="buy now“>

Wanna make some ornaments? (Free pattern!!)

Made a few cuties for the tree, thought perhaps someone else may like too as well. So in the spirit of giving and being thankful for my handful of followers ( oh how convenient, thanksgiving is next week!) here is the pattern. Enjoy!!


Snowman ornaments:

Terms used:
hk – hook
ch – chain
sc – single crochet
dec – decrease
F/O – fasten off


* White yarn
* black yarn
* small Orange Pom Pom
* small black buttons ( about 1/2 inch)
* yarn needle
* G – hook
* stuffing

Using white yarn, ch 2

1. sc 6 in seconds ch from hk – 6
2. 2sc around – 12
3. ( sc, 2sc ) 6 times – 18
4. ( sc 2, 2sc ) 6 times – 24
5. ( sc 3, 2sc ) 6 times – 30
6 – 11. sc around – 30 ( each row )
12. ( sc 3, dec ) 6 times – 24
13. ( sc 2, dec ) 6 times – 18
14. ( sc, dec ) 6 times – 12
15. dec 6 times – 6

stuff firmly, sew closed and F/O. Weave in ends.

Hat: G – hook

using black yarn, sc 2

1. 5 sc in 2nd ch from hk – 5
2. 2sc around – 10
3. ( sc, 2sc ) 5 times – 15
4. sc around in *Back Loops* only – 15
5 – 6. *Both loops*, sc around – 15 ( each row )
7. ( sc 6, dec ) 2 times – 13
8. *Front Loops only*, 2sc in each st around – 26
F/O, weave in ends


* using the black yarn, sew button eyes on and add a mouth.
* I use the top of the head for pulling yarn and tying knots, you can head them under his hat!
* glue or sew on nose
* you can use ribbon or make a long ch for the hanging loop, knot securely into a loop and weave through the top of the hat. Make sure you knot is large so it does not pull through.
* sew hat onto head.
* hang on tree or attach to presents.

Pretty sure my cats hate me.

I LOVE Christmas. Seriously it’s ridiculous how much I enjoy the holiday. The lights, trees, decorations, music, you name it, I love it. On the flip side, my mister is a bah humbug. Decorating before Dec 1st I’d forbidden, however he does allow me to make festive bows for the cat. Even he thinks she’s adorable in them!
This year though we have TWO cats for me to “accessorize”! Mister texted me from work one night 6 months ago, he had a surprise, walked in carrying a kitty! My girl is used to my “shit” ( I swear by the looks she gives me that’s her word choice ). She wears her bows and just deals with the non stop photos. Little man is not so sure about it, he’s been wearing it for about 3 hours now. It seems to startle him whenever he goes to scratch his neck, but I think he’ll learn to love it ( mister says I’m delusional ). Either way, they look adorable and are humoring me nicely. I think little man is fitting in quite nicely!!


See, so freaking adorable!!! And then there’s this one……. He’s letting his true feelings known here.


Reasons I should be sleeping and why I’m not ( a.k.a. Pattern writing )

Good evening or morning or possibly afternoon, depends on where in the world you are. Here at my humble abode it’s almost midnight and I’m sitting on the couch growling. Yup, that’s right growling.
You see, I’m tired, but I’m also working out a new pattern. Any crocheter out there knows which one takes priority.
I should go to bed, the offspring needs to be woken up in 6 hours for school, apparently I’m not cool enough to wait at the bus stop with her, but I have to wake her up every morning….. I spent 3 hours today doing yard work, have I mentioned I loathe leaves?? So I’m beat, not cut out for manual labor this one, and I’ve been fighting a pattern for the last 3 hours.
My eyes are burning, my mind keeps wandering, and I’ve taken apart and restarted at least 10 times so far.
I currently hate this project, but I won’t quit. Why you ask? Because I know how cute it will be in the end when I make it work! That or I’m stubborn and refuse to let yarn get the best of me…..
Either way, I’m giving it another 30 minutes or so, the dog keeps glancing over at me wondering what I’m so mad at. Might be a sign to throw in the towel for the evening.
I know one mama who’s hitting that snooze button in the morning.


Completely unrelated photo, but isn’t he cute?! He’s not complaining I’m up late!

Darnell my friend

Was going through my photos when I found this one. This is Darnell, he was created last winter during a particularly snowy week. Just another example of how to use up yarn and kill some days when you just can’t bring yourself to go out into the frozen abyss….


He’s rather tall about 18 inches. Wishing I wasn’t being a lazy turd at the time and wrote down the pattern. Suppose it’s for the best, maybe the world only needs one of him.

Free pattern Friday!?

So if you’re like me, you tend to have lots of little balls of yarn kicking around. I was trying to come up with something to do with them and ended up with this little dude. So in the spirit of trying to kill all those pesky little yarn balls, here is a free pattern to try to use them up!


Pocket Sheep

Make your own little flock of colorful sheep! These little guys work up quickly and do not use much yarn. They’re great for stash busters!

Terms used:

ch – chain
sc – single crochet
st – stitch
dec – decrease
F/O – fasten off


* two colors of yarn, “A” and “B”
* G hook, F hook
* safety eyes or embroidery floss
* yarn needle

Head: G – hook

begin with “A” yarn, ch 2

1. 6 sc in second ch from hook – 6
2. 2 sc in each st around – 12
3. ( sc, 2sc ) 6 times – 18
4. ( sc 2, 2sc ) 6 times – 24

5. ( sc 3, 2sc ) 4 times – 28

6 – 8. Sc around – 28 each row

9. ( dec 2, 10 sc ) 2 times – 24

10. sc around – 24

11. ( dec 1, sc 10 ) 2 times – 22

12. sc around – 22

13. ( 2 sc, sc 10 ) 2 times – 24

14. sc around – 24

– place and attach eyes, if you’re going to embroider them, you can wait until the head is finished

15. ( sc 2, dec 1 ) 6 times – 18

– begin stuffing

16. Switch to “B”, ( sc, dec 1 ) 6 times – 12

17. dec 8, F/O weave in ends.

Body: G – hook

Using “B”, ch 2

1. 6 sc in second ch from hook – 6
2. 2 sc in each st around – 12
3. ( sc, 2sc ) 6 times – 18
4. ( sc 2, 2sc ) 6 times – 24
5. ( sc 3, 2sc ) 6 times – 30

6 – 13. Sc around – 30 in each row

14. ( sc 3, dec 1 ) 6 times – 24

15. ( sc 2, dec 1 ) 6 times – 18

F/O leave lone tail for sewing

Feet: G hook, make 4

Using “A”, ch 2

1. 6 sc in second ch from hook – 6

2. 2 sc around – 12

3 – 5. Sc around – 12 in each row

6. dec 2, sc 8 – 10

7. dec 1, sc 7 – 9

8. Sc around – 9

F/O leave long tail for sewing

Ears: F hook, make 2

Starting with “A”, ch 2

1. Sc 4 in second ch from hook – 4

2. 2sc in each st around – 8

3 – 4. Sc around – 8

5. ( sc, dec ) 2 times – 6

6. Switch to “B”, sc around – 6

F/O, sew ears shut flat ( I like to whip stitch them shut) do not stuff, leave long tail for sewing.


* Firmly stuff body, sew head onto front of body, about the halfway point of back of head
* Line up the “B” color of head and ears, sew ears on
* Firmly stuff legs, sew onto body
* Weave in all ends

Love your new little friend!


A quick little hello.

As the title suggests, I’m just throwing out a quick hello to you all. In the interest of knowing who you are ( or should be 😉 ) following, let me introduce myself.
I live in New England with my Mister. We have one daughter who is currently in the throes of “the epic teenage years”, a 14 yr old Weimaraner, 12 year old little old lady cat, and the spawn of satan himself. Ok maybe he’s not actually the spawn of satan, but spend a day with him and you may start to agree with me. Oh yeah, he’s a 1 1/2 yr. old cat.
I’m obsessed with crochet and love to make things. Mister and I both love vintage, especially Pyrex and mid-century. Weekends will find us at tag sales and flea markets, always on the hunt!
That’s about it. Keep your eyes on this blog for free crochet patterns, links for purchasable ones, and some photos just for viewing pleasure!